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The Achievements Report highlights recent accomplishments of the SWAMP and its partners, framing the many projects SWAMP is a part of in the context of their value to the State of California and the public at large. The Achievements Report also describes how monitoring data have been used to answer critical water quality questions pertaining to California’s surface waters and how this information has been conveyed to resource managers and the public. Program activities are organized under the following categories: Monitoring, Assessments, Communication, Comparability, Coordination, and Management Decisions.

Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program

The Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program addresses whether fish found in California's streams, lakes and coastal areas are safe to eat by measuring contaminant concentrations in fish tissue. The Bioaccumulation Oversight Group (BOG) - a work group of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council (CWQMC) - guides the implementation of the Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program.

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