Wednesday -- August 6, 1997 -- 9:00 a.m.

First-Floor Hearing Room

Paul R. Bonderson Building

901 P Street, Sacramento

Questions regarding this agenda - call Maureen Marché (916) 657-0990 or fax 657-0932. This notice and associated staff reports can be accessed electronically through our Internet address: (Note: agenda items should be available electronically by July 30, 1997.)

Workshop includes informal discussion of items to be presented for action at a future business meeting. People who are interested in items on the agenda are urged to attend workshops as they may miss valuable discussion that will not be repeated at the Board meeting. NOTE: There is no voting at workshops.

Items requiring Board action must come to a Board meeting. Please note time limitations on presentations may be imposed. The State Board requests that oral testimony be summarized. Submittal of written comments is encouraged to ensure that all comments will be included in the record before the Board.*




Any member of the public may address and ask questions of the Board relating to any matter within the Board's jurisdiction, provided the matter is not on the Board's agenda or pending before the Board or a Regional Board.


1. Hearing on Proposed Federal Fiscal Year 1998 State Revolving Fund Loan Program Project Priority List.

(The Board will consider at their September 18, 1997 Board meeting, whether to approve the proposed priority list.)


2. Amendment of Enforcement Policy. (The Board will conduct a hearing regarding an amendment to the Board's Enforcement Policy that would define types of violations of water quality laws that are considered to be minor in nature.)



**3. Consideration of 1) Authorization to Allow the Executive Director to Accept the Federal Hardship Grant; 2) Approval to Use the $30 Million Small Community Grant Program to Provide the Required 5 Percent Match; 3) Approval to Issue a Minimum 15 Percent SRF Loan with the Hardship Grant; and 4) Amendment of the FFY 1997 Intended Use Plan (IUP). (The Board will consider, at a Board meeting, whether to adopt the proposed resolution to authorize the Executive Director to Accept the Federal Hardship Grant and Approve Amendment of the FFY 1997 IUP.)

**4. Consideration of Approval of an Additional State Revolving Fund Loan Commitment to the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County for the Upgrade to Full Secondary Treatment Project at the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant; State Revolving Fund Loan No. C-06-4001-220. (The Board will consider, at a Board meeting, whether to adopt the proposed resolution approving the annual set-aside of loan monies for the Districts.)


5. City of Santa Rosa Dairy Waste Control Program. (Information item only.)

**6. Consideration of Approval of the Nunc Pro Tunc Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay Basin (Basin Plan).


**7. In the Matter of the Petitions of Central Delta Water Agency, South Delta Water Agency, and California Farm Bureau Federation for Review of Waste Discharge Requirements Order No. 95-140 and Resolution No. 95-144 Issued by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region. SWRCB/OCC Files A-977 and A-977(a). (The Board will consider, at a Board meeting, whether to adopt the proposed order complying with the order of the Superior Court.)

Closed Session Item Nos. 8-10

(Please note Closed Sessions are not open to the public)

WATER RIGHTS -- The Board will be meeting in closed session to discuss evidence taken at a hearing. This is authorized under Government Code Section 11126(c)(3). This item will be scheduled for a future meeting. Interested parties will be notified of the exact time, date and location.

8. Proposed Decision Regarding Applications 29323 and 29324 of Charles and Anna Kluge, and Applications 29355 and 29356 of Donald R. Eutenier to Appropriate Water from Adobe Creek and Adobe Creek Reservoir Tributary to Clear Lake in Lake County; and Regarding Petitions to Change Permit 16684 (Application 24336) and License 12125 (Application 26123) of Donald R. Eutenier Authorizing Diversion of Water From Adobe Creek in Lake County.

9. Proposed Order Regarding Petitions For Change and Petitions for Extension of Time for Water Right Permits 15013, 15015, 15017, 15018 and 15024 (Applications 11792B, 12910, 12912, 13091 and 19149) of Calaveras County Water District for Diversions From the Stanislaus River and its Tributaries in Calaveras County.

10. Proposed Decision Regarding Application 29408 and Wastewater Change Petition No. WW-6 of the City of Thousand Oaks and Availability of Unappropriated Water for Applications 29819, 29829, 29581, 29959, 30092 and 30194 Which Involve the Following Applicants: Fitzgerald Ranch, Stanley and Sandra Goldberg, B-H Farm, Robert B. Lamb, et al., Lena M. Jones Trust, Richard Rogers, et al., Stanley and Sandra Goldberg and Camrosa Water District, on Arroyo Conejo, Conejo Creek and Calleguas Creek in Ventura County.


Consideration of Petitions for Writ of Mandate Against the State Water Resources Control Board in: (A) Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, et al. V. State Water Resources Control Board, Case No. 32519 and Case No. 32530 and (B) Sierra Club, et al. V.State Water Resources Control Board, Case No. 105610, Monterey County Superior Court. (This is authorized under Government Code Section 11126(e)(1).)

Consideration of Whether the State Water Resources Control Board Should Initiate Litigation or an Adjudicatory Proceeding Against the California American Water Company for the Unauthorized Diversion and Use of Water From the Carmel River. (This is authorized under Government Code Section 11126(e)(5)(A).)


*In order to be fully considered at the meeting, all written comments must be received by 5:00 p.m.,

Friday, August 1. Mailing address: PO Box 100, Sacramento, CA 95812-0100; FAX 916-657-0932

**These items are expected to be routine and noncontroversial and there will be no discussion unless requested by a Board Member, staff or interested party. If such a request is made, the item will be considered separately.

Please note: Some of our older material may no longer be available in electronic form. If you need assistance obtaining a file, please contact the Clerk to the Board, email