Staff Recognition

Sustained Superior Accomplishment Awards (for sustained superior peformance over a period of 24 months)



  • Dania Jimmerson, Water Resource Control Engineer, Sacramento Office
  • Jessica Mullane, Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory), Sacramento Office

After Wastewater Consolidation was adopted by the legislature in Senate Bill 1215, Dania Jimmerson and Jessica Mullane from the Rancho Cordova office took on this important project to identify and assist disadvantaged communities connect with local sewer service providers. Dania and Jessica faced a seemingly insurmountable goal of eliminating literally thousands of failing on-site wastewater systems that represent a threat to drinking water resources here in the Central Valley.

Region 5 was tasked with implementing this new program with no blueprint other than the legislation and general goals established by the Division of Water Quality downtown. Dania and Jessica began by developing a program charter, working with other Water Board divisions, and reaching out to the regulated community to communicate the goals and benefits of this important mandate. Then COVID happened. Without missing a step, Dania and Jessica navigated a path forward, working with various Water Board programs such as CV-SALTS, OWTS/LAMPS, and SAFER, to identify and prioritize connecting qualified disadvantaged communities and local sewer service providers.

From day one, the amount of work Dania and Jessica have put into their research, coordination, and facilitation efforts is staggering. Their efforts are paying off as we are now seeing a steady stream of disadvantaged communities throughout the Central Valley motivated to abandon their antiquated wastewater systems.

Dania and Jessica's sustained dedication and diligence exemplifies the Water Board's commitment to protecting water quality and serving the greater community. It is for these reasons that Dania and Jessica are deserving of recognition and this award.

Superior Accomplishment Awards



  • Mathew Boone, Senior Environmental Scientist, Redding Office
  • Kate Burger, Senior Engineering Geologist, Redding Office
  • Lynn Coster, Senior Environmental Scientist, Redding Office
  • David Durette, Senior Water Resource Control Engineer, Redding Office
  • Stacy Gotham, Senior Water Resource Control Engineer, Redding Office
  • Griffin Perea, Senior Engineering Geologist, Redding Office
  • Jason Schroeder, Senior Engineering Geologist, Redding Office

The Central Valley Water Board's Redding office management team is receiving this Superior Accomplishment Award for their dedication and adaptability in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing emergency telework protocols.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruption to the daily lives of people worldwide and resulted in far-reaching effects. Providing extra care for loved ones, handling daycare and school closures, and navigating a multitude of business and service disruptions were only a few of the challenges faced by many. Starting March 2020 and extending through August 2022, those effects were compounded by implementation of the Water Board's emergency telework program requirements.
Through all of this, the management team was steadfast in their commitment to the public, their staff, and the agency's mission. They worked tirelessly to ensure staff had the flexibility they needed to balance personal responsibilities while meeting program obligations; quickly adapted to electronic communication styles; developed electronic document production processes to guarantee timely issuance of agency correspondence; accommodated mandatory contact tracing requirements and travel restrictions; found ways to safely conduct site inspections; motivated staff by finding creative ways to collaborate remotely; and coordinated closely to ensure there was adequate office coverage at all times during the emergency.

Throughout the pandemic the team proved, just as it had during prior years wildfire emergencies, to be highly capable and adaptable. This superior accomplishment award is being presented in recognition of the selflessness, dedication, and positive attitude each member of the Redding office's management team exhibited throughout that most challenging time; and to extend thanks and appreciation for their continued contributions to the Board's mission.



  • Meredith Howard, Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory), Sacramento Office
  • Selina Cole, Environmental Scientist, Sacramento Office
  • Andrew Hamilton, Senior Enviromental Scientist (Specialist), Sacramento Office

Andrew Hamilton, Selina Cole, and Meredith Howard are being recognized for their collective efforts on the Delta Regional Monitoring Program, a high priority program for the Central Valley Water Board. The Delta Regional Monitoring Program, or Delta RMP, is a complex program that involves numerous and diverse permittees that provide funding to the program in lieu of compliance monitoring. The Central Valley Water Board determined that funding for ambient water monitoring efforts could be used more efficiently and effectively, while also providing a better understanding of water quality conditions in the Delta, if those funds were used for a coordinated, regional ambient monitoring effort, rather than continue to be used in individual, uncoordinated ambient water quality monitoring programs.

Selina Cole and Meredith Howard are both highly valued members of the Planning Section at the Central Valley Water Board. Selina Cole is an environmental scientist and is the technical lead staff and Quality Assurance Representative for the Delta RMP. Meredith Howard is an Environmental Program Manager and the Section Head for Planning, as the Program Manager of the Basin Planning, TMDL, and Delta Programs. She is also the Steering Committee Co-Chair of the Delta RMP. Together, they attentively oversee all of the Delta RMP components and manage the many elements of the program that are instrumental to the success of the program.

In 2020, Meredith formed and led a subcommittee of the Steering Committee to address issues identified by Delta RMP participants from both regulatory agencies and regulated communities. The outcome of this subcommittee was a plan to revise the program and governance structure that culminated in Board Resolution R5-2021-0054, which approved the new governance structure and newly formed non-profit organization to implement the program.

Selina is a hard-working team member who takes on every project with enthusiasm, initiative, and a great attention to detail. Selina uses her experience and technical knowledge to provide sound recommendations and develop efficient processes even when complex challenges arise. She is often called upon by Board staff and RMP stakeholders for her knowledge and perspective of the Delta RMP.

Meredith and Selina have worked diligently with the RMP participants, both the regulated and regulatory entities, to implement the new program structure and direction from the Board Resolution. Their leadership skills combined with critical thinking have been an essential asset to the successful implementation of the program and to address the many complexities of the Delta RMP.

Andrew Hamilton is a Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist working in the State Water Board's Office of Information Management and Analysis. Andrew is the State Water Resources Control Board's Quality Assurance Officer and provides the final approval of the Quality Assurance Project Plans for the Delta RMP. Andrew's technical
expertise in quality assurance and his collaborative approach working with Central Valley Water Board staff and management has been critical to improve the quality assurance aspects of the program. Andrew handles his role in the Delta RMP with great poise and professionalism. Many of the successes of the Delta RMP are due to his
thoughtful recommendations and his dedication to his role as the Quality Assurance Officer.

We are fortunate to have Andrew, Selina, and Meredith working on the Central Valley Water Board's Delta RMP. They are well deserving of the superior accomplishment recognition and are true champions for implementing the Water Board's mission.



  • Cameron Alfving, Environmental Scientist

Cameron has been working in the Fresno office, handling the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) duties, for three years. Recently, he has led the efforts to collect harmful algal bloom and recreational beneficial use assessment samples from Eastman and Hensley Lakes, Lake Kaweah, and the San Joaquin and Kings Rivers.

Cameron also provided a prompt response to an inquiry from the public about the recent presence of algal blooms in surface water in Three Rivers. He also provided training and guidance to the Three Rivers Community Services District to collect samples at the Slick Rock Recreation Area at Lake Kaweah. His training duties also included training the San Joaquin River Conservancy on how to collect cyanobacteria samples at Sycamore Island on the San Joaquin River.

Cameron also assists with scheduling the SWAMP's Scientific Aids for both field sampling and data analysis.

Cameron is a great asset to the Fresno office's SWAMP program and is very dependable. He works independently with minimal oversight and limited resources of the program. He prioritizes his monitoring efforts and data analysis efficiently to evaluate the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the State's waters.



  • Marissa Bosenko, Associate Government Program Analyst

The Central Valley Water Board's Redding office management team is pleased to select Marissa Bosenko for the Superior Accomplishment Award. Marissa is an Associate Government Program Analyst (AGPA) in the Redding office and is being recognized for her outstanding performance. Marissa joined the Central Valley Water Board as an Office Technician in March 2020 and has worked as an AGPA in the Redding Cannabis Unit since July 2021.

Not only has Marissa proven to be an excellent project manager, she has developed a solid understanding of the Cannabis General Order and enforcement activities within the program. Marissa was tasked with developing an enforcement tracker so that the program could more effectively meet required deadlines and move projects through the progressive enforcement process. The enforcement tracker is now used by staff on a daily basis to manage cases. Marissa then took on revisions to the Cannabis webpage and worked with the Program Manager, staff and the IT department to ensure that it was properly updated and all documents were either ADA compliant or removed from the website.

Marissa has taken on management of the Outreach side of the cannabis program, holding regular coordination meetings to discuss content with fellow staff and optimize the slide decks to succinctly deliver messaging to dischargers and consultants. She developed topic-based modules to be presented seasonally and in sync with requirements in the Cannabis General Order and the cultivators' growing season. These modules have been requested by program managers in other regions to assist in their outreach efforts. Marissa has done an excellent job tracking metrics for the program manager and generating required reports.

Marissa comes to work every day with a great attitude and is kind and considerate to her fellow staff and managers. We want to thank Marissa for being such a valuable member of the Cannabis program, the Redding office, and the region.