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Performance Report

Mandated Reports – 2001

Report Title Format File Size
Administrative Civil Liability Assessments Pursuant to Water Code Section 13350 (May 2001)
17 KB
Comprehensive Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Program - Report to the Legislature (January 2001)
1.0 MB
Enforcement Activities of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards - 2001. Per California Code Chapter 5.5 Section 13385(n)
205 KB
Report to the Legislature as Required by Chapter 7, Article 4 of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Act - Water Recycling Program Implementation (June 2001)
1.65 MB
Report on the Structure and Effectiveness of California's Efforts to Develop Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) to Restore Impaired Waters and Recommendations for Future Policy Development Presented to the State Board by the AB 982 Public Advisory Group Final (February 2001)
1.0 MB
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project Report to the Legislature - California Environmental Protection Agency
33 KB
Source Investigations of Storm Drain Discharges Causing Exceedances of Bacteriological Standards, Report to the Legislature (December 2001)
1.0 MB
State's Effort to Comply with the Federal Clean Water Act Section 303(d) - Report to the Legislature Pursuant to the Fiscal Year 2000-01 Budget Act (January 2001)
1.0 MB
Storm Water Enforcement Actions Related to Non-Submittal of Annual Report and Failure to Obtain a Permit (2001)
23 KB
Structure and Effectiveness of the State's Water Quality Programs: Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act and TMDLs - Report to the Legislature Pursuant to AB 982 of 1999 (January 2001)
1.0 MB
Supplemental Report of the 1999 Budget Act Item 3940-001-0001 - Final Report: Core Regulatory Programs' Performance Measures
826 KB
Supplemental Report of the 1999-2000 Budget Act Item 0504-001-0001 - Forest Practices "Desk Reviews" and Compliance Activities (February 2001)
240 KB
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - Legislative Annual Report (September 2001)
1.0 MB