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Performance Report

Mandated Reports – 2002

Report Title Format File Size
Addressing the Need to Protect California's Watersheds: Working with Local Partnerships - Legislature Report (as required by AB 2117, Chapter 735, Statutes of 2000) (draft September 17, 2002)
3.3 MB
Enforcement Activities of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards - 2002. Per California Code Chapter 5.5 Section 13385(o).
241 KB
Evaluation of Ballast Water Treatment Technology for Control of Nonaquatic Indigenous Aquatic Organisms (December 2002)
1.25 MB
Report to the Legislature Pursuant to AB 982 of 1999 - Structure and Effectiveness of the State's Water Quality Programs: Section 303d of the Federal Clean Water Act and TMDLs (February 2002)
1.30 MB
Supplemental Report of the 2001 Budget Act Item 3940-001-0001 TMDL Program Water Quality Attainment Budget Strategy (January 2002)
1.0 MB
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program Water Quality Attainment Budget Strategy (January 2002)
7.12 MB
Unauthorized Releases of Hazardous Substances from Underground Storage Tanks - Annual Report to the Legislature 2002
26 KB
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund - Legislative Annual Report (September 2002)
48 KB