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Performance Report

Mandated Reports – 2004

Report Title Format File Size
SWRCB Fiscal Year 2003/04 Annual Fees Report
44 KB
Annual Consulting Services Report for Fiscal Year 2003-04 (2005)
80 KB
Annual Report of Water Board Enforcement Activities - 2004
Per California Water Code Chapter 5.5, Section 13385(o)
2.33 MB
California Beach Advisory Report 2003 (July 2004)
484 KB
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Related Reports Prepared Pursuant to the Federal Clean Water Act and the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments of 1990
17 KB
Recommendations to Assist in Addressing the Adverse Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Activities and Operations (December 2004)
2.05 MB
Replacement Of Underground Storage Tanks Program, 2004 Annual Legislative Report
172 KB
San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority Activities, 1992 through 2003 (January 2004)
265 KB
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Legislative Annual Report (September 2004)
128 KB