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State Water Resources Control Board accepted comments on the proposed 2006 Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) section 303(d) List of Water Quality Limited Segments for California (2006 list). 


Date Received
Miller, Mark Mark Miller 9/26/06
Webb, Nancy Kay Nancy Kay Webb 10/4/06
Department of Transportation Mark Heckman 10/12/06
Mason, Robbins, Browning & Godwin Arthur Godwin 10/17/06
Brown & Caldwell Cynthia Paulson 10/18/06
City of Monterey Tom Reeves 10/18/06
Colorado River Water Board Nadim Zeywar 10/18/06
Humboldt Baykeeper Michelle Smith 10/18/06
O'Laughlin & Paris LLP Kenneth Petruzzelli 10/18/06
San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority Joseph McGahan 10/18/06
Assembly California Legislature Noreen Evans 10/19/06
Central Valley Water Board Pamela Creedon 10/19/06
City of Burbank Rodney Andersen 10/19/06
City of Chula Vista Kirk Ammeran 10/19/06
City of San Diego Chris Zirkle 10/19/06
Coachella Valley Water District Steve Bigley 10/19/06
County of Los Angeles Mark Pestrella 10/19/06
Nelson, M.D. (Denver H.) Denver Nelson 10/19/06
Emery, Douglas Douglas Emery 10/19/06
Imperial Irrigation District Charles Hosken 10/19/06
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation Dan Schurman 10/19/06
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Mic Stewart 10/19/06
Monterey County Water Resources Agency Kathleen Thomasberg 10/19/06
Orange County Coastkeeper Ray Heimstra 10/19/06
San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper Gordon Hensley 10/19/06
SD Marina, LLC Willis Short 10/19/06
SRCSD Wendel Kido 10/19/06
Sweet Water Authority, City of San Diego, Helix Water District Dennis Bostad 10/19/06
U.S. Dept of the Interior, CA Dept. of Parks and Recreation Terrence Hofstra 10/19/06
Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District G. F. Duerig 10/20/06
Alexis Strauss Alexis Strauss 10/20/06
Association of California Water Agencies Krista Clark 10/20/06
Barnum Timber Company Stephen Honer 10/20/06
A / B / C
Bay Area Clean Water Agencies David Williams 10/20/06
A / B / C / D
Baykeeper Sejal Choksi 10/20/06
Best Best & Krieger LLP Steven Anderson 10/20/06
Board of Supervisors Bill Dennison 10/20/06
Briscoe Ivester & Bazel Lawrence Bazel 10/20/06
A / B / C
Campbell Timberland Management Kevin Faucher 10/20/06
Camrosa Water District Richard Hajas 10/20/06
CCEEB Robert Lucas 10/20/06
City of Galt Gregg Halladay 10/20/06
City of Los Angeles Rita Robinson 10/20/06
City of Rancho Palos Verdes Jim Bell 10/20/06
Coalition for Practical Regulation Larry Forester 10/20/06
Colorado River SWRCB of California Gerald Zimmerman 10/20/06
County of Orange Chris Crompton 10/20/06
County of Orange Chris Crompton - Newport 10/20/06
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
County of San Diego Jon Van Rhyn 10/20/06
County Sanitation District of Los Angeles County Sharon Green 10/20/06
Sherman, Craig A. Craig Sherman 10/20/06
Department of Transportation G. Scott McGowen 10/20/06
Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection Dennis Hall 10/20/06
Executive Advisory Committee - Stormwater Program, County of Los Angeles Desi Alvarez 10/20/06
Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Baykeeper, NRDC Kirsten James 10/20/06
A / B / C
John L. Hunter and Associates, Inc. John Hunter 10/20/06
Klamath Riverkeeper Regina Chichizola 10/20/06
Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power Susan Damron 10/20/06
Los Angeles Water Board Jonathan Bishop 10/20/06
A / B
Mission Viejo County Club Rick Beymer 10/20/06
Napa Sanitation District Michael Abramson 10/20/06
Newhall Land and Farming Company Matt Carpenter 10/20/06
North Coast Water Board Catherine Kuhlman 10/20/06
Northern California Water Association David Guy 10/20/06
NRDC David Beckman 10/20/06
Orange County Chapter Kristine Thalman 10/20/06
Pacific Gas & Electric Company Tammie Candelario 10/20/06
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Stephen Stump 10/20/06
Sacramento Storm Water Quality Partnership Kerry Schmitz 10/20/06
Santa Barbara County Water Resources Robert Almey 10/20/06
Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program Adam Olivieri 10/20/06
Southern SLO and SB Counties Agricultural Watershed Coalition Kay Mercer 10/20/06
United States Marine Corps A.C. Entingh 10/20/06

Please direct questions to:

Dorena Goding
Division of Water Quality
State Water Resources Control Board
(916) 341-5596 or email: dgoding@waterboards.ca.gov

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