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Organization Representative
California Water Impact Network
California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
Carolee Krieger
Bill Jennings
Barbara Vlamis
California Waterfowl Association John Carlson Jr.
Congress of the United States, House of Representatives Congressman Dennis Cardoza
Congressman Jim Costa
General Public Norman Ruddick
General Public David Scatena
General Public Roger Mammon
General Public William Tarleton
General Public Felix Smith
Grassland Water District David L. Widell
San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority - Grassland Basin Drainers Joseph C. McGahan
Sierra Club California
Friends of the River
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Federation Association, Inc.
Planning and Conservation League
Southern California Watershed Alliance
North Coast River Alliance
Friends of Trinity River
Jim Metropulos
Steven L. Evans
Zeke Grader
Jonas Minton
Conner Everts
Fred Egger
Byron Leydecker
Soluri Meserve, A Law Corporation on behalf of Reclamation District 999 Osha R. Meserve
United States Department of Commerce – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Howard Brown
United States Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service Susan K. Moore

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