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Documents for Public Comment

Public comments regarding Klamath River TMDL

Company Representative
California Cattlemen’s Association Justin Oldfield
California Department of Transportation G. Scott McGowen
City of Klamath Falls Mark Willrett
County of Siskiyou Ric Costales
Ellison, Schneider & Harris LLP on behalf of PacifiCorp

Attachments to Letter:
Robert Donlan
General Public James Foley
General Public James R. Finses
General Public Mark Chestnut
General Public Tom Chambers
General Public Tom Connick
Karuk Tribe Leaf Hillman
Klamath Forest Alliance Petey Brucker
Klamath Water Users Association Greg Addington
Quartz Valley Indian Reservation Crystal Bowman
Sandy Bar Ranch Blythe Reis
The New 49’ers Dave McCracken
United States Environmental Protection Agency Alexis Strauss

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