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Water Rights Orders 1975

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In the Matter of Permit 15013 through 15024 (Applications 11792 et al.) of Calaveras County Water District: Sanislaus River and tributaries in Tuolumne, Calaveras, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties.
In the Matter of Applications 23416, 23417, 23418, and 23419 of Bank of America, N.T.&S.A., as Co-Trustee of the Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers: Cousumnes River and Unnamed Streams in Sacramento County.
In the Matter of Permits 1269 and 11529 (Applications 2145 and 12532) of YUBA COUNTY WATER DISTRICT and YUBA COUNTY: New York Creek in Yuba County.
Permit Revocation Order: Permits 6596, 14803 (Applications 11265, 21195): Unnamed Spring and Unnamed stream in San Diego and Napa Counties.
In the Matter of Permits 15013 through 15024 (Applications 11792 et al) of CALAVERAS COUNTY WATER DISTRICT: Stanislaus River and Tributaries in Tuolumne, Calaveras, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties.
In the Matter of Permit 16656 (Application 24490) of OWENS-ILLINOIS, INC.: Trampas Canyon and Unnamed Stream in Orange County.
In the Matter of Water Right Permits 16477, 16478, 16483, 16479, 16480, 16481, 16482 (Applications 5629, 5630, 14443, 14444, 14445A, 17512, and 17514A) of CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES, and OF STATE BOARD RESOLUTION 73-16.
Permit Revocation Order:permit 15880 (Application 22956: Mine Tunnel in Nevada County.
Permit Revocation Order: Permit 15512 (Application 21943: Soldier Creek in Trinity County.
In the Matter of License 4152 (Application 13979) of James Traina: Cedar Creek in Mendocino County.
In the Matter of for temporary conditional permit by Boaulder Creek Association: Hare Creek in Santa Cruz County.
In the Matter of Application 23201 of Reclamation District No. 1004: Butte Creek and Borrows Pit in Colusa County.
In the Matter of determination of the rights of various claimants to the waters of Graves Canyon in Monterey County.
Permit Revocation Order: Permits 14108, 15886, 15987 (Applications 20362, 23049, 23096): Ano Nuevo Creek, Unnamed Spring and Loffenholtz Creek in San Mateo, Plumas and Humboldt Counties.
In the Matter of Permit 16040 (Application 22061) of Paradise Irrigation District: Little Butte Creek in Butte County.
License Revocation Order: License 4718 (Application 13122): Unnamed Stream in Siskiyou County.
In the Matter of the SWRCB approval and adoption of a draft Report of Referee.
In the Matter of Permit 7130 (Application 11674) of California-American Water Company: Carmel River in Monterey County.
Permit Revocation Order: Permit 15884( Application 22805): Unnamed Stream in Lake County.
In the Matter of Permit 14873 (Application 21469) of John Thockmorton: Kingston Creek in San Mateo County.