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Bay-Delta Workshop 3 - Documentation and Public Comments

  • Public Notice
  • Deadline to receive comments: October 26, 2012 by 12:00 Noon

Agency / Organization / Interested Party Representative
American Rivers John Cain (20.77 MB)
Brattle Group on behalf of State Water Contractors and San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority David Sunding
Max Auffhammer
California Municipal Utilities Association David Modisette
California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum Elaine Archibald
California Water Impact Network on behalf of California Sportfishing Protection Alliance and AquAlliance Tim Stroshane
Chris Shutes
(5.87 MB)
California Water Research Deirdre Des Jardins (1)
Deirdre Des Jardins (2)
City and County of San Francisco – Office of the City Attorney on behalf of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Donn Furman
Department of Fish & Game Scott Cantrell
Department of the Interior Kaylee Allen
Department of Water Resources Russ Stein (8.50 MB)
Ducks Unlimited on behalf of Sacramento Valley Water Users and Northern California Water Association Mark Petrie
East Bay Municipal Utility District Richard Sykes
General Public Tony St. Amant
Grassland Basin Drainage Management Activity Agreement, San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority Joseph McGahan
Invited Panel Jay Lund
Jon Burau
John DeGeorge
John Durand
Greg Gartrell
Marianne Guerin
Pete Smith
William Smith
Mark Stacy
Chris Enright
MBK Engineers on behalf of Northern California Water Association and Sacramento Valley Water Users Walter Bourez (34.86 MB)
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Bay Institute
Doug Obegi
Gary Bobker
O’Laughlin & Paris LLP on behalf of San Joaquin Tributaries Authority Daniel Steiner
Avry Dotan
O’Laughlin & Paris LLP on behalf of San Joaquin Tributaries Authority Gary Lorden
Jay Bartoff
Sacramento Municipal Utilities District John DiStasio
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Stan Dean
State Water Contractors Timothy Haines
State Water Contractors, Inc
San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority
Stefanie Morris
Stockholm Environment Institute David Purkey
LATE Public Comments
Flow Science Incorporated of behalf of City of Antioch Susan Paulsen (5.86 MB)
Golden Gate Salmon Association
Victory Dealer Group
Golden Gate Fishermen’s Association Charter
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
Kalla Hirschbein
Victor Gonella
Roger Thomas
Zeke Grader
Dick Pool
ICF International Russ Brown (12.57 MB)
The Nature Conservancy Clint Alexander (EFT brochure)
Northern California Power Agency Jerry Toenyes

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