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Water Rights Decision 1641 (Revised)

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Water Right Decision 1641 (Revised)

The State Water Resources Control Board adopted Decision 1641 on December 29, 1999. The Decision implements flow objectives for the Bay-Delta Estuary, approves a petition to change points of diversion of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project in the Southern Delta, and approves a petition to change places of use and purposes of use of the Central Valley Project.

The SWRCB received 21 timely petitions for reconsideration of D-1641, and on March 15, 2000 the Board adopted Order WR 2000-02.  Order WR 2000-02 denies the petitions for reconsideration of D-1641, clarifies findings made in D-1641, and amends several conditions of the order in D-1641.

The Revised Decision may be downloaded by clicking below:

Encroachment Area Maps

(Maps are in PDF format)

Area/Map Name PDF File Size
Consolidated Place of use with Encroachment Areas 217 KB
Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District 399 KB
Arvin-Edison Water Storage District 334 KB
City of Avenal 242 KB
City of Coalinga 274 KB
Colusa County Water District 408 KB

Corning Water District 344 KB

Del Puerto Water District 355 KB
East Bay Municipal Utility District 510 KB
El Dorado Irrigation District 342 KB
Kanawha Water District 334 KB
Orland-Artois Water District 386 KB
San Benito County Water District 341 KB
San Luis Water District 368 KB
Santa Clara Valley Water District 412 KB
Sacramento Municipal Utility District 183 KB
Westlands Water District 416 KB


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