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Exhibits List for Bay Delta Hearings
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This page contains a link to download the exhibit list for the Bay/Delta Water Rights Hearing. The following list, in AdobeTM PDF format, contains the following information: Party Name, Exhibit Number, Exhibit Title, Clarifying Description (in some cases), and the date(s), if applicable, the exhibit was offered and/or accepted into the Hearing Record.

Users of this list may notice that the number of Water Board Staff Exhibits offered and accepted into the  record appears to have substantially increased since the close of Phase 7 on March 15, 2000.  There have not been any new staff exhibits offered or accepted into the Bay-Delta Hearing Record since the close of Phase 7.  The reason for the apparent increase in the number of staff exhibits is is that certain staff exhibits offered by reference and accepted into the Bay-Delta Hearing Record on July 1st, 1998, and June 9, 1999, are very large; and, therefore, have been sub-numerated to better describe the contents of those exhibits. Exhibits that  have had portions of the exhibit sub-numerated are as follows:

SWRCB003 Correspondence in Application File 5625 since July 1, 1995, relevant to Bay-Delta environmental impact report and Proceedings Comment Letters on Draft EIR Volumes 1, 2, and 3 numerated as SWRCB001a-001 through SWRCB001a-115. Comment Letters on Draft EIR Volume 4 numerated as SWRCB001d-01 through SWRCB001d-50
SWRCB006 The applications, permits, licenses, water right decisions, water right orders, and reports of permit or license from 1980 to present, for each application or statement listed in enclosure 2 of the hearing notice These documents have been numerated as SWRCB006XXXX through SWRCB006YYYY (781 documents total)

The number of SWRCB Staff Exhibits offered and accepted into the record, including the above sub-numerated exhibits, is 1,248.  The total number of exhibits by all parties is 2,524. The report date is June 23, 2000.

If you encounter any problems with this page or know of any corrections to the Exhibit List, please contact Kevin Long at (916) 341-5346 or email klong@waterboards.ca.gov