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Agenda Item #28 - CDOs for Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) Dischargers

Response to comments
Revised CDO for City of Pacific Grove
Revised CDO for City of Monterey
Revised CDO for Pebble Beach Company
Revised CDO for City of Carmel by the Sea
Comment Letters
Latham and Watkins Submittals
Staff Report
Attachment No. 1 CDO for the City of Pacific Grove, Order No. R3-2005-0008
Attachment No. 2 CDO for the City of Monterey, Order No. R3-2005-0020
Attachment No. 3 CDO for the Pebble Beach Company,Order No. R3-2005-0021
Attachment No. 4 CDO for the City of Carmel by the Sea, Order No. R3-2005-0022
Attachment No. 5 Overview Map of Areas of Biological Significance
Attachment No. 6 Map of Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Fish Refuge and Hopkins Marine Life Refuge ASBS (ASBS No. 19)
Attachment No. 7 Map of Carmel Bay ASBS (ASBS No. 34)