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Welcome to the Financial Assistance (Grants and Loans) Program Website for the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Coast Water Board).

Frequently Asked Questions

Central Coast Water Board Vision and Priorities

The Central Coast Water Board’s Vision of Healthy Functioning Watersheds promotes healthy aquatic habitat, clean groundwater and proper land management.  The Central Coast Water Board encourages local agencies and organizations to promote healthy watersheds through grant funding opportunities that focus on the Central Coast Coast Water Boards.

The Central Coast Water Board identified the highest priorities for external projects as Low Impact Development (LID), Irrigation and Nutrient Management, Groundwater Recharge Area Protection, and Riparian Buffer Zone Designation and Protection.  Our "Priorities for External Projects" (hot link) summarizes these priorities, including the scope, scale, and key project elements.  Equally important is our focus on project performance and funding accountability. Priorities for External Projects

Program Background

The Central Coast Water Board's Grants Program provides administrative and technical oversight for grant projects being implemented in the Central Coast Region. The specific goals of the Grants Program are to:

  • Facilitate the successful implementation of grant projects that address the Central Coast Water Board’s Vision measurable goals and water quality priorities
  • Integrate grant project data and products into Central Coast Water Board Programs
  • Provide easy access to grant information to Central Coast Water Board stakeholders (public outreach).

View Grant Projects Being Implemented on the Central Coast

The Central Coast Water Board Solicits and Manages Grants to improve aquatic habitat, surface water, and groundwater and to demonstrate proper land management.


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