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Crystal Geyser Olancha Justification for the 13267 Order


On July 24, 2014 the Water Board issued a 13267 Order requiring Crystal Geyser to investigate groundwater quality and process wastewater impacts. CG Roxane LLC has been discharging process wastewater to three onsite ponds for at least 10 years. Based upon Water Board staff’s observations and sample results the Facility’s wastewater discharge facilities present a significant risk of discharging pollutants at concentrations that could adversely affect the quality and beneficial uses of the surface waters and groundwater at and near the Facility.

The required site investigation and technical reports are necessary to further understand the Facility’s wastewater characteristics, and to assess the impact(s) upon receiving water (surface waters and groundwater) quality and beneficial uses due to current and past waste discharge practices at the Facility. The information obtained during the investigations will also be used to determine compliance with the state water quality protection laws and regulations, and the need, if any, for corrective actions in the future.

Lahontan has developed Waste Discharge Requirements for ongoing waste discharges from the bottling facility which are on the January 11, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda.

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