Press Releases

01/18/22 Lahontan Water Board authorizes testing of chemical methods to control invasive weeds in Lake Tahoe
08/19/21 Harmful algal blooms reported at Mono County’s Crowley Lake; Caution urged for all water users
12/21/20 Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board appoints Mike Plaziak to Executive Officer
08/06/20 Efforts to keep pollutants out of Lake Tahoe surpass targets Challenges persist with reaching overall water clarity goals
04/03/19 South Lake Tahoe Groundwater Contamination Investigation Continues
03/15/19 Azad Amiri and Sarbjit S. Kang Conditionally Banned from Owning or Operating Underground Storage Tank Facilities in California
03/14/19 Lahontan Water Board Accepts Lake Tahoe Nearshore Plan
03/13/19 Lahontan Water Board Receives $4.6 Million Grant to Investigate Perchloroethylene (PCE) Contamination in South Lake Tahoe’s Groundwater

06/26/18 Improving First Response to Harmful Algal Blooms Focus of Lahontan Water Board Workshop

08/31/17 Water Boards Remind the Public to be Aware of Harmful Algal Blooms this Holiday Weekend
08/17/17 Report finds program to restore Lake Tahoe's clarity is on track
05/12/17 Lahontan Water Board Issues Cleanup Order for Dry Cleaning Chemical at Lake Tahoe Laundry Works Site
01/06/17 Lahontan Water Board Receives $2.67 Million Grant to Clean up Perchlorate Plume Near Barstow

05/17/16 Lahontan Water Board Approves Largest Mitigation Bank in California
03/14/16 Lahontan Water Board Approves Report on Use of Natural Remediation for Contaminated Groundwater Sites

11/09/15 PG&E Issued Comprehensive Cleanup and Abatement Order for Chromium Remediation Efforts In Hinkley
10/21/15 Lahontan Water Board to Conduct Groundwater Testing for PCE Contamination in South Lake Tahoe
10/09/15 Lahontan Water Board Reaches Settlement Agreement With LADWP Over Water Quality Violations
08/12/15 Key Study Launched to Understand Increased Algae Growth in Lake Tahoe
04/03/15 Lahontan Regional Water Board and ARCO Settle Leviathan Mine Superfund Lawsuit

08/22/14 Lahontan Water Board Issues Enforcement Order Against South Lake Tahoe Gas Station After Contaminant Found in Drinking Water Well
  - Cleanup and Abatement Order No. R6T-2014-0070
06/05/14 Draft Permit Aims to Prevent Aquatic Weed Infestation in Tahoe Keys
02/25/14 Regional Storm Water Monitoring Program Moves Forward
02/20/14 Lahontan Water Board grants $704,000 for Truckee Watershed Restoration
02/04/14 North Shore Nearshore Meeting Rescheduled for February 7
01/30/14 Weather Alert: January 30th Nearshore Meetings Update
01/15/14 Tahoe Agencies Host Public Meetings on Nearshore

12/12/13 Lahontan Water Board and Dairy Owners Reach Settlement Agreement over Water Code Violations
08/07/13 New State Fish Advisory for Silverwood Lake: Choose Rainbow Trout Over Bass, Catfish, and Chub
06/20/13 Lahontan Water Board Approves Lake Tahoe Pollutant Load Reduction Plans
05/07/13 State Water Board Approves Multi-State Plan to Protect Lake Tahoe
04/26/13 Lahontan Board Approves Forest Service Plan to Protect Water Quality During Fuel Reduction Treatments

10/11/12 Boaters Alerted of Asian Clam Control Project in Emerald Bay
10/11/12 Media Availability - Boat Tour of Asian Clam Control Project Site at Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay
10/4/12 Asian Clam Control Project taking place at Emerald Bay
8/21/12 Draft Hinkley Groundwater Cleanup Environmental Impact Report Available for Review
8/8/12 $700,000 Settlement Proposed for Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Sewage Discharges into the Mojave River
7/16/12 December 2010 Sewage Spill into Lake Tahoe Results in $239,081 Fine from Lahontan Board
6/25/12 Lahontan Regional Water Board Addresses Bi-State Angora Fire Commission Recommendations to Prevent Future Fire Risks
6/7/12 Lahontan Water Board Ensures Clean Water for Hundreds of Hinkley Residents
4/16/12 Lahontan Regional Water Board Appoints New Executive Officer
4/12/12 Investigation finds Perchlorate contamination in Sample Wells at Barstow Site

10/13/11 Pacific Gas & Electric Ordered to Provide Replacement Water to Affected Residents in Hinkley, CA
5/23/11 Emergency Treatment of Mine Drainage Prevents Toxic Discharge into Leviathan Creek
4/20/11 State Water Board Approves Strategy to Improve Lake Tahoe Clarity

11/24/10 Barstow Perchlorate
9/2/10 Restoring Lake Tahoe - The Next Chapter

10/28/09 Lahontan Water Board Issues $412,900 Order to Mohammad Ahmad and Thomas E. Erickson Trust
3/12/09 Northstar Mountain Properties, LLC, pays $2.75 million in water quality settlement agreement

10/27/08 Annual Leviathan Mine Treatment Completed
3/19/08 Lahontan Water Board Continues To Make Fuel Reduction Easier

11/29/07 The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have agreed to pay $4.75 million as part of their settlement with the State of California stemming from a water pollution case.
2/28/07 Public Meeting March 6, 2007 on Chromium Groundwater Cleanup at PG&E's Hinkley Compressor Station
2/23/07 Lahontan Water Board’s Prosecution Team Proposes a $4 Million Settlement with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

11/16/06 Lahontan Water Board Levies $500,000 Fine Against Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
9/11/06 Lahontan Water Board Prosecution Team Releases Settlement Proposal in Lake Tahoe Sewage Spill Case
7/25/06 Press Release on Lake Tahoe Clarity Model Results

12/15/05 Board Proposes $700,000 Penalty for July's Lake Tahoe Sewage Spill
11/14/05 Lahontan Water Board Treats Unprecedented Amount of Acid Mine Drainage at Leviathan Mine
7/1/05 Lahontan Water Board and California Board of Forestry Streamline Permitting Process for Fire-Safe Tree Thinning in Lake Tahoe Basin

7/3/02 Amended Notice of Public Hearing on the Proposed amendments to the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board's basin plan regarding TMDL's for Indian Creek Reservoir in Alpine County.
5/2/02 Lahontan Water Board Seeks Public Input on proposed controls to reduce phosphorus loading in Indian Creek Reservoir in Alpine County.

11/30/01 Lahontan Water Board Seeks Public Input on List of Polluted Waters
3/1/01 Lahontan Water Board Requests Public Input for Water Quality Assessment
1/23/01 Lahontan Water Board Seeks Public Input on Haiwee Reservoir Pollutant Limits

11/9/00 Lahontan Water Board will consider total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Heavenly Valley Creek
11/8/00 Regional Water Board Developing Pollutant Limits for Indian Creek Reservoir
7/19/00 Regional Water Board Developing Pollutant Limits for Bridgeport Reservoir
1/14/00 Lahontan Regional Water Board Celebrates 50 Years

12/15/99 Regional Board creates a UST Unit in the South Lake Tahoe office and adds another unit in the Victorville office
8/18/99 Lahontan Begins Treatment Study of Leviathan Mine