For Immediate Release
December 15, 1999


Contact: Harold Singer
(530) 542-5400


Lahontan Board Reorganizes


South Lake Tahoe - To accommodate growth and improve efficiency, the Lahontan Regional Board has reorganized effective Dec 15, 1999. The significant changes are as follows. In the South Lake Tahoe office, an additional (fourth) unit has been created to handle the workload of addressing leaks from underground tanks. Senior Engineer Chuck Curtis, a California registered civil engineer (R.E.) will supervise the new unit. In addition, Alan Miller and Scott Ferguson, both California R.E.s., were promoted to head up the Carson-Walker Watersheds Unit, and the Northern Watersheds Units, respectively.

The other significant change in the agency is the creation of a third unit in the Victorville office and changing the responsibilities of the three units. The office previously had only two units with differing programmatic responsibilities. Now there is an Antelope Valley Unit, a Mono/Owens Unit and a Mojave River Unit - each having similar responsibilities for regulating all discharges of wastes in the geographical area of the unit. The changes were made to accommodate an unprecedented 32% growth in staffing for the agency and to provide for regulation on a watershed basis. Jay Cass, a California R.E. is the new Senior Engineer in the Victorville office who will be heading up the Antelope Valley Unit. Cindi Mitton, also a California Civil R.E who has been the supervisor for the office's Toxics Unit for the past four years , will now supervise the Mono-Owens Unit. A supervisor for the Mojave River watershed has yet to be selected. Attached is an updated organizational chart for the agency.