Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


The UST program protects public health and safety and the environment from releases of petroleum and other hazardous substances from UST systems. The program is administered by the State Water Board and consists of four program elements: leak prevention, cleanup, enforcement, and tank tester licensing. The Region received 3.0 PYs for FY 17/18 to oversee the cleanup element of the UST program. Approximately 85 percent of the funding is provided through the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund and the remaining 15 percent is provided by the federal government.

On July 1, 2017, there were 59 open Water Board-lead UST cleanup cases in the region. Due to the maturity of the program and State Water Board’s 2012 approval of the "Plan for Implementation of Low Threat Underground Storage Tank Case Closure Policy and Additional Program Improvements" (Plan), all high-threat cases are being addressed and the caseload primarily consists of mature cases and is shrinking. Of the 59 open cases, 17 were identified as "Open-Eligible for Closure" and 18 did not have responsive or willing responsible parties. Most active cases are in the southern Lahontan Region with 24 in San Bernardino County and 12 in Los Angeles County.

The UST Program Fact Sheet provides more information on the Goals, Accomplishments, and Performance Targets.

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