For Immediate Release
Jan. 23, 2001
RWB 01-001


Contact: Jeremy Sokulsky
(530) 542-5463


Lahontan Water Board Seeks Public Input on Haiwee Reservoir Pollutant Limits


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE - The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, the state agency responsible for regulating water quality in the eastern Sierra, is seeking for public comment for the development of daily pollutant limits for the Haiwee Reservoir, located in Inyo County.

The limits, called Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), are required by federal law for all water bodies that are not meeting state water quality standards and which are not expected to meet state standards after control of "point sources," such as factories and sewage treatment plants. Federal regulations require that TMDLs include an assessment of the current situation and a plan for achieving state standards.

"To get the best possible result, we are interested in obtaining all available and relevant information that may assist us in the TMDL process,"

Harold Singer, Regional Board Executive Officer

Regional Board staff will hold a meeting to discuss the Haiwee Reservoir TMDL and TMDL process at the Whiskey Creek Restaurant, 524 N. Main Street, Bishop, California on Thursday, February 1, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Singer encourages anyone with knowledge of water quality data, watershed conditions, or a general interest in water quality to attend the meeting. He stresses that anyone may participate in this process, regardless of their level of expertise or knowledge in this area. All comments are welcome.

The Haiwee Reservoir TMDL process is being designed to determine the impacts of copper in the reservoir, used to control algae, and to develop control strategies to achieve compliance with state water quality standards.

If you would like to provide input or to be added to the Regional Board's mailing list for this project, please contact Jeremy Sokulsky at (530) 542-5463.

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board is part of the California Environmental Protection Agency.