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2013 State Water Board Press Releases

Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2013

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San Francisco Public Utilities District Fined $1 million for Water Quality Violations 12/20/13 RB1/ Enforcement
Lahontan Water Board and Dairy Owners Reach Settlement Agreement over Water Code Violations 12/12/13 RB6/ Enforcement
San Diego Water Board Issues $801,000 Penalty to City of La Mesa for Sewage Discharges to Chollas Creek and San Diego River 12/11/13 RB9/ Enforcement
Equilon Enterprises Ordered To Pay $500,000 For Water Code Violations In Kern County 12/05/13 RB5/ Enforcement
City of Encinitas and USS Cal Builders Face $431,000 Penalty from San Diego Regional Water Board for Water Quality Violations 12/03/13 RB9/ Enforcement
State Water Board Orders Benbow Water Co. to Stop Water Sales Outside of Its Area of Service 11/26/13 Water Rights
Settlement Agreement Reached with Kern County Oil Firm for Discharging Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid 11/15/13 RB9/ Enforcement
L.A. Regional Water Board Files Notice of Intent to Sue U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Water Quality Violations 10/31/13 RB4/ Enforcement
California Agencies Release Draft Action Plan for Water, Ask for Input and Dialogue 10/31/13 Water Quality
How Healthy Are California's Estuaries? 10/29/13 Water Quality
How Healthy Are California's Tide Pools? 10/23/13 Water Quality
State Water Board Approves Water Rights Changes to Implement San Joaquin River Restoration 10/18/13 Water Rights
Central Valley Water Board Executive Officer Issues $375,000 Penalty to Groveland Community Services District for Sewage Spills 10/18/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Sonora Turkey Ranch Receives $60,000 Penalty for Violations of State and Federal Water Regulations 10/18/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Central Valley Water Board Issues $190,038 Penalty to Donahue Schriber Asset Management Corp. for Water Code Violations 10/17/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Los Angeles Water Board Refers Sanitary Sewer Permit Violations In Three Cities to State Attorney General's Office 10/11/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Central Valley Water Board to Hear Presentation on Environmental Impacts of Pot Cultivation 10/03/13 RB5/ Water Quality
State Water Resources Control Board Issues Order Modifying Central Coast Regional Board's March 2012 Irrigated Agriculture Order 09/24/13 Water Quality
State Water Boards Fifth Web-based Performance Report Now Available 09/24/13 State Water Board
Blue-Green Algae a Health Hazard in Klamath River; Caution Urged in Water Contact and Fish Consumption 09/17/13 RB1/ Water Quality
Coastal Commission Beach Cleanup Sept. 21: Volunteers Pitch In For a Better Coastline 09/17/13 State Water Board
Fourteen Central Valley Facilities Face Penalties For Wastewater Violations 09/12/13 RB5/ Enforcement
City of Palo Alto Wins 2013 "WuHoo" Pollution Prevention Award 09/11/13 RB2/ Water Quality
Regional Water Board Directs Shell Oil Co. to Strengthen Carousel Tract Petroleum Cleanup Goals 08/21/13 RB5/ Water Quality
New State Fish Advisory for Silverwood Lake: Choose Rainbow Trout Over Bass, Catfish, and Chub 08/07/13 Water Quality
State Water Board funds new research on microbial source tracking markers 08/06/13 State Water Board
State Water Board funds project to develop new portable instrumentation for microbial source tracking 08/06/13 State Water Board
State Water Board Funds Project To Improve Water Quality At Capitola Beach 08/06/13 Water Quality
Tracy Dairy Fined $685,000 For Water Quality Violations 08/01/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Central Coast Water Board Executive Officer Named 07/24/13 RB5 Appointment
Settlement Reached With West Sacramento Company For Unlicensed Tank Testing 07/22/13 Enforcement
$211,000 Penalty Recommended by Central Valley Water Board in 2012 Rocklin Development Storm Water Incident 07/09/13 RB5/ Enforcement
North Coast Regional Water Board Reaches $30,000 Settlement over Illegal Reservoir in Mendocino County 07/09/13 RB1/ Enforcement
State and U.S. EPA warn to avoid contact with blue-green algae in Iron Gate and Copco Reservoirs. Caution urged when consuming fish 06/28/13 Water Quality
LA Water Board Approves Settlement Over Failure To Follow Chloride Control Actions On Santa Clara River 06/28/13 RB4/ Water Quality
California Wetlands portal by Wetland Monitoring Workgroup, CWQMC 06/26/13 State Water Board
San Diego Water Board Concludes Border Wastewater Treatment Plant Lawsuit 06/20/13 RB9/ Water Quality
Blue-green algae warning issued for Copco Reservoir: avoid contact, and use caution in consuming fish 06/20/13 RB1/ Water Quality
Lahontan Water Board Approves Lake Tahoe Pollutant Load Reduction Plans 06/20/13 RB6/ Water Quality
Consultant to Serve Jail Time for Fraud against State's UST Cleanup Fund 06/14/13 Enforcement
Statewide Survey Maps Sport Fish Contamination in California Rivers and Streams 05/23/13 State Water Board
San Diego Water Board Approves Updated Storm Water Runoff Regulations 05/09/13 RB9/ Water Quality
San Diego Water Board Approves $1,254,414 Settlement for Sewage Discharges to Los Penasquitos Creek, Lagoon, and Pacific Ocean 05/08/13 RB9/ Enforcement
State Water Board Approves Multi-State Plan to Protect Lake Tahoe 05/07/13 Water Quality
Central Valley Water Board Executive Officer Issues $63,000 in Complaints for Water Quality Violations 05/01/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Lahontan Board Approves Forest Service Plan to Protect Water Quality During Fuel Reduction Treatments 04/26/13 RB6/ Water Quality
Central Coast Water Board Issues Cleanup And Abatement Order To Ensure Safe Drinking Water For The Community Of San Lucas In The Salinas Valley 04/25/13 RB3/ Enforcement
Mendocino County Land Owners Face Water Rights Violation Penalty of $32,800 for Illegal Reservoirs 04/24/13 Water Rights
Pyrethroid pesticides increase in latest pollution trends monitoring study of California stream bed sediments 04/18/13 State Water Board
Governor Brown's State Water Board Appointee Steven Moore Confirmed by State Senate 04/18/13 SWB Appointment
State Water Board Effort to Root out Suspected Fraudulent Billings to the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund – Now Permanent 04/17/13 Enforcement
Central Valley Water Board Implementing Enforcement Actions for Alleged Unpermitted Discharge of Hydraulic Fracking Waste 04/09/13 RB5/ Enforcement
Tulare County Dairies Face Penalties For Water Code Violations 03/19/13 RB5/ Enforcement
International Water Monitoring Challenge Kicks Off March 22: Volunteers Needed 03/18/13 Water Quality
Sonoma County Land Owners Face Water Rights Violation Penalties Totaling $60,000 for Illegal Reservoirs 03/15/13 Water Rights
Governor Brown Announces Appointments to State Water Board 03/13/13 SWB Appointment
Five Valley Businesses Face Water Code Violation Penalties Totaling $292,299 03/06/13 RB5/ Enforcement
City of Brawley Faces $1.7 Million Penalty for Water Code Violations 03/01/13 RB7/ Enforcement
State Water Board Report Recommends Actions to Address Nitrate Groundwater Contamination 02/20/13 State Water Board
Central Valley Environmental Firm To Pay the State $75,000 to Settle Allegations of Fraud 02/15/13 Enforcement
State Water Board Adopts Storm Water Permit Intended to Reduce Pollution and Increase Reuse of Storm Water Runoff 02/05/13 Water Quality
State Study Finds Numerous Communities Rely On Contaminated Groundwater Sources for their Drinking Water Supply 02/04/13 Water Quality
State Water Resources Control Board Chair Charles R. Hoppin Announces Retirement 01/31/13 SWB Appointment
Free Calendar Available from Water Board’s Clean Water Team 01/23/13 State Water Board
Lahontan Regional Water Board orders Developer to Pay $60,000 for Water Code Violations 01/18/13 RB6/ Enforcement
Central Valley Water Board Executive Officer Penalizes 12 Facilities for Water Quality Violations 01/14/13 RB5/ Enforcement
State Water Board Helps Disadvantaged Community Connect to New Sewer System 01/07/13 State Water Board

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