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Meeks Bay Proposed Stipulated Agreement


On March 24, 2017 the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board's (Water Board) Assistant Executive Officer and the Supervisor, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, United States Forest Service (USFS) signed the Proposed Stipulated Agreement (Agreement) R6T-2017-0013. The Agreement alleges that USFS violated the Marina General Permit Water Board Order No. R6T-2011-0024, NPDES Permit No. CAG616003 (permit) by failing to implement best management practices (BMP) including but not limited to paving the parking lot at the Marina. The permit was adopted by the Water Board on April 13, 2011, and establishes waste discharge requirements for the discharge of waste from the Meeks Bay Marina to Lake Tahoe in El Dorado County.

As a condition of the Stipulated Agreement, the USFS has agreed to maintain the temporary BMPs, inspect and provide reports on the temporary BMPs twice a year and begin planning for long term future uses at Meeks Bay Marina. Major milestones are included in the Agreement including a first phase assessment, EIR/EIS document, design plans for the selected project and project completion.

The Proposed Stipulated Agreement was heard at the May 10-11 and July 12-13, 2017 Water Board meetings and was not adopted.

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