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Robert Reed
Air Force, Department of the
Clare Mendelsohn
Alcoa, Inc.
John Morton
Allied Waste

Curtis Fujii

American Association of Airport Executives
Claudio Ternieden
Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce
Percy Malicott
Aspen Timco Inc.
Benz Sanitation, Inc.
Paul Benz
Best Best & Krieger LLP
Marguerite Strand
April Bailey
Blymyer Engineers, Inc.
Michele Mancuso
Kieran Bergin
Charles St. John
Brash Industries
Marvin Sachse
Building Materials Industry
Stephen Bledsoe
Business Environmental Resource Center
Robert White
C. William Chandler
C. Chandler
CA Council for Environmental & Economic Balance
Robert Lucas
California Association of Port Authorities
Tim Schott
California Forestry Association
David Bischel
California Grain & Feed Association
Kevin Clutter
California Hotel & Lodging Association
James Abrams
California Laboratory Services
Raymond Oslowski
California Manufacturers & Technologies Assoc.
Michael Rogge
California National Juice Products Group
William Funderburk, Jr.
California Refuse Removal Council
Sean Edgar
California Stormwater Quality Association
Karen Ashby
California Trucking Association
Stephanie Williams
California Waste Industry Coalition
multiple commentators
Michael Flake
Can Manufacturers Institute
Geoffrey Cullen
Chemical Batch Processing Group

William Funderburk, Jr.

Coalition for Adequate School Housing
Ian Padilla
Coalition for Practical Regulation
Larry Forester
Compliance for Administration & Project Services Inc.
Ronald Hayes
Construction Materials Association of California (1)
Linda Falasco (1)
Construction Materials Association of California (2)
Linda Falasco (2)
Contra Costa Electric
Mark Sheeley
Cowan Rental Services
not available
Terry Klenske
Delta Tech Service Inc.
Karna Johnson
DeWitt Petroleum
Marcy McKenzie
Dispatch Transportation Companies
Christopher Ebert
Dongell Lawrence Finney LLP
Jason Booth
Downey Brand Attorneys
Katharine Wagner
Downey Chamber of Commerce
Joan Warner-Plettinck
Dunn Edwards Paints
Margaret Clowes
Ed Voice and Family
Ed Voice
Eichleay Engineers Inc. of California
John Sakamoto
ENSR International
Ernest Miyashita
Environmental Compliance Management Services
Maureen Daggett
Environmental Compliance Options Consulting
Sarah Yount Hoffman
Fabricated Extrusion Company
Brian Indelicato
Foamex International, Inc.
James Bonney
Geomatrix Consultants, Inc.
Timothy Simpson
GeoSyntec Consultants
Eric Smalstig
GSI Western, Inc.
Steve Grillo
Hobbs Trucking Company
Lee Hobbs
Humboldt, County of
Adam Forbes
Independent Oil Producers Agency
Les Clark
Industrial Environmental Association
Patti Krebs
Interstate Brands Company
Steve Guenin
John Wayne Airport
L. Serafini
Kern County Waste Management
Doug Landon
Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc.
Paul Johnson
Lawyers for Clean Water
Daniel Cooper
League of California Cities
Jim Hemminger
Lockheed Martin
Michael Haro
Long Beach, City of
Thomas Leary
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Roger Chang
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
David Rothbart
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Victoria O. Conway
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Susan Damron (1)
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Susan Damron (2)
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
Xavier Swamikannu
Madera County
Gary Gilbert
Mendocino Forest Products Co., LLC
Cheryl Moore
Metal Casting Stormwater Monitoring Group, Inc.
James Simonelli
Mid Coast Transportation Inc.
Lance Pierovich
Mirant Delta, LLC
Steven Bauman
Mitchell Engineering
Kathleen Streblow
Mountain View, City of
John Welbourn
Navy, Department of the
A.J. Gonzales
NEST Environmental Services
Donald Reh (1)
NEST Environmental Services
Donald Reh (2)
North Coast Laboratories
Roxanne Golich-Moore
Michael Grubbs
Office of State Publishing
Donald Eggleston
Ontario, City of
Yvonne Elliot
Pacific Steel Casting Company
Joe Emmerichs
Robert Vogt
Paper Glass and Plastic Recyclers Group
William Funderburk, Jr.
Paratransit Inc.
Beth Barker-Hidalgo
PES Engineering
Conrad Starr
Redman Equipment & Manufacturing Co.
Janelle Redman
Reese-Chambers Systems Consultants, Inc.
Tim Chambers
Riverside County Waste Management Department
Angela Dufresne
Sacramento County Dept. of Waste Management
Mike Koza
Sacramento, County of
Kerry Schmitz
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
Steven Luquire
San Diego County Office of Education
Robert Nicholson
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Board
Lawrence Kolb
Santa Ana Regional Board
Michael Adackapara
Santa Barbara, County of
Mark Schleich
Sempra Energy Utilities
Fred Jacobsen
SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologist, Inc.
Patrick Barsanti
Sidera Environmental, Inc.
Ray Stewart
Sierra Pacific Industries
Bob Ellery
Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group
Margaret Bruce
Rob Ricci
Solid Waste Association of North America
Yvette Gomez Agredano
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Judy Fulton
State of California Auto Dismantlers Association
Martha Cowell
Strategic Materials Corporation
B. Debbie
Sunnyvale, City of
Marvin Rose
Doug Byfield
Thousand Oaks, City of
Donald Nelson
Dennis Truitt
Unified Port of San Diego
David Merk
United States Postal Service
Patrick Langsjoen
Vacaville Chamber of Commerce
Gary Tatum
Valley Pattern & Mfg., Inc.
Eric Johnson
Western States Petroleum Association
Steven Arita
Yolo, County of
Linda Sinderson

( updated 5/12/05 )