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Measure Pages Completed

August 18, 2009

Plan and Assess

  1. Beach Availability
  2. Beach Distribution
  3. Beaches Monitored
  4. Sewage Spills
  5. TMDL Projects Adopted


  1. Groundwater Cases Opened
  2. Groundwater Cleanup Active Remediation
  3. Groundwater Cleanup Cases
  4. Leaking USTs Active Remediation
  5. SWAMP Visits

August 19, 2009

Environmental Outcomes

  1. Wadeable Perennial Streams (Aquatic Life) - (updated 09/20/09)


  1. DoD Active Cases
  2. DoD Active Remediation
  3. Major NPDES Facilities Inspected
  4. Major NPDES Facilities Permitted
  5. Minor NPDES Facilities Inspected
  6. Minor NPDES Facilities Permitted
  7. General NPDES Facilities Permitted

August 20, 2009


  1. Industrial NPDES Stormwater Facilities Permitted
  2. Industrial NPDES Stormwater Facilities Inspected
  3. NPDES Stormwater Construction Facilities Inspected
  4. NPDES Stormwater Construction Facilities Permitted
  5. Discharges to Land (NON15) Municipal Facilitites Inspected
  6. Discharges to Land (NON15) Municipal Facilities Permitted
  7. Discharges to Land (NON15) Industrial Facilities Inspected
  8. General NPDES Facilities Inspected
  9. Discharges to Land (NON15) Industrial Facilities Permitted
  10. Land Disposal Inspections

Environmental Outcomes

  1. Perennial Estuarine Wetlands

August 24, 2009


  1. Land Disposal Facilities Permitted

Environmental Outcomes

  1. Coastal Bays & Estuaries Sediment Quality


  1. NPDES Wastewater Facilities Enforcement Actions
  2. NPDES Wasterwater Facilities Enforcement Penalties
  3. NPDES Wastewatwer Facilities MMPs
  4. NPDES Stormwater Facilities Enforcement Actions
  5. NPDES Stormwater Facilities Enforcement Penalties
  6. WDR NON15 Facilities Enforcement Actions
  7. WDR NON15 Facilities Enforcement Penalties
  8. WDR Land Disposal Enforcement Actions
  9. WDR Land Disposal Enformcement Penalties