General NPDES permit Applications, Forms and Documents

In addition to the documents listed below , include with your General NPDES Application package a USGS Topo map showing the location of your site and a schematic diagram of your treatment flow (if applicable)

If you choose to complete the NOI Form, you do not need to complete USEPA Form 1 and Form 2E, and you do not need to attach separate certification requirements form.

  • USEPA-NPDES Application Forms:
    (These USEPA forms, also available from the USEPA /NPDES website)

    • Form 1 General Information - Consolidated Permits Program General Information (must be submitted by all facilities applying for an individual NPDES permit, with the exception of MS4s)

    • Form 2E NPDES Application
      Application for facilities which do not discharge process wastewaters


For questions please contact:
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