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Santa Ana Region - Site Cleanup Program

The Site Cleanup Section oversees activities at non-UST sites where soil or groundwater contamination have occurred. Many of these sites are former industrial facilities and dry cleaners, where chlorinated solvents were spilled, or have leaked into the soil or groundwater. The Site Cleanup Program is set up so that reasonable expenses incurred by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCBs) in overseeing water quality matters can be recovered from the responsible party. Facilities are assigned a site specific program cost account to track expenditures.

Memorandum of Agreement for the Oversight of Investigation and Cleanup Activities at Brownfield Sites

Application Form to Request for Agency Oversight

Cost Recovery: SWRCB's Guide to the Billing Process (including monthly salary scales for RWQCB staff oversight). - Note: billing rates subject to change

GeoTracker: Information regarding specific SCP cases can be accessed via our on-line GeoTracker database

In Situ Groundwater Remediation: Information regarding In Situ Remediation Order is available below:

Environmental Screening Levels (ESLs) - February 2016 version contents: Please contact Mona Behrooz at (951) 782-3237

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Perchlorate Pollution: Investigation orders issued by the RWQCB and other documents and reports related to the ongoing perchlorate pollution investigation within the region, are available on our Perchlorate Pollution Information Page

Orange County North Basin Regional Groundwater Plume
Former Ford Aeronutronics Facility, Newport Beach

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Site Cleanup program contact:
Mona Behrooz, Chief of the Site Cleanup Section, at (951) 782-3237

State Water Board’s Site Cleanup Program

Parties wishing to receive regulatory oversight for a site should apply, using the application form on the Cal/EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Control Brownfield webpage.