Underground Storage Tank (UST) Unit

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Unit

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section directs environmental cleanup activities at leaking UST sites.  Such sites include active and inactive gasoline stations, agricultural sites, brownfield redevelopment sites, airports, bulk petrochemical storage terminals, pipeline facilities, and various chemical and industrial facilities.

Local Agencies manage the majority of leaking UST sites in the Region. The local agencies work cooperatively with the Regional Board to manage cases in their jurisdiction. Local Agencies in the Region include:

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Orange County LOP Anthony Martinez 714-433-6260 Orange County Health Care Agency
San Bernardino County LOP Marilyn Kraft 909-386-8419 San Bernardino Co
Riverside County LOP Sharon Boltinghouse 951-955-8982 Environmental Resources Management
Santa Ana Fire Department Karl Feierabend 714-647-5761 Santa Ana Fire Department
Fullerton Fire Department Grant Miner 714-738-5359 Fullerton Fire Department
Anaheim Public Utilities Ralph McCaffrey 714-765-4288 Anaheim Public Utilities


Online UST Database

UST sites can be found using our Geographic Environmental Information Management System (GEIMS/GeoTracker). For online access to GIS environmental data, link to GeoTracker.




Direct any questions concerning the program to Maile Gee, Chief, UST Unit at maile.gee@waterboards.ca.gov and (951) 782-4379.