Septic Tank Offset Program

Septic Tank Offset Program

The Santa Ana Regional Board is proud to announce the Septic Tank Offset Program database.

This program is designed to bring together property owners who want to eliminate their current septic tank systems and developers who require an offset to add new septic tanks.

Property Owner:

If you desire to have your property listed in the offset database, please call or e-mail the following information to Susan Beeson at (951) 782-4902:

  1. Name
  2. Address of property (include city and county)
  3. Mailing address (if different than property address)
  4. Phone number
  5. E-mail address

Your information will be placed on the offset list and will be provided to developers interested in an offset. You may be contacted directly by a developer.


If you are looking for an offset, please e-mail or call Susan Beeson at (951) 782-4902 to receive a list of eligible properties.

Thank you for participating in this program.

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