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Public comments regarding Caltrans-MS4 Permit

The following comment letters from interested parties were received in response to two invitations by the State Water Board to review and comment on the Draft Tentative Order (March 14, 2011 comments) and the Revised Draft Tentative Order (September 19, 2011 comments).

Agency / Organization Representative Comments Received
on this date
Original Letter
with Staff I.D. Tags
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Heal the Bay
Linda Sheehan
Kirsten James
3/14/11 (7MB) Tagged Letter (6.4MB)
California Department of Public Health Vicki Kramer 3/4/11 Tagged Letter
California Department of Transportation Scott McGowen 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
California Stormwater Quality Association  Scott Taylor 3/13/11 Tagged Letter
California Transportation Commission Bimla G. Rhinehart 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
Coalition for Practical Regulation  Kennneth C. Farfsing 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
General Public Joyce Dillard 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
Los Angeles Regional Water Board Sam Unger 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
Natural Resources Defense Council Noah Garrison 3/14/11 (30MB) Tagged Letter
Robin Calder, Attorney at Law Robin Calder 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
San Diego Regional Water Board David Gibson 3/7/11 Tagged Letter
San Francisco Baykeeper Jason Flanders 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
San Mateo Countywide Water Prevention Program Mathew Fabry 3/10/11 Tagged Letter
Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Program Adam Olivieri 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
Sempra Energy (regulated utilities):
   San Diego Gas & Electric Company
   Southern California Gas Company
Mitch Mitchell 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
United States Environmental Protection Agency David Smith 3/14/11 Tagged Letter
AGC of California Thomas Holsman 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Air Tight Heating & Sheet Metal Jimmy McBeth 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers Ken Hambrick 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce Todd Ament 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Associated General Contractors of America Bradford Barnum 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association James Scanlin 9/17/11 Tagged Letter
C.C. Myers Linda Clifford 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Calaveras County Taxpayers Albert Segalla 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
California Alliance for Jobs Jim Earp 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
California Building Industry Association R. Lyon 9/15/11 Tagged Letter
California Business Roundtable William Hauck 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
California Chamber of Commerce Valerie Nera 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Robert Lucas
Gerald Secundy
9/19/11 Tagged Letter
California Department of Transportation Scott McGowen 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
California State Association of Counties DeAnn Baker 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
City of Rocklin Ricky Horst 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Engineering & Utility Contractors Association Emily Cohen 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Fortuna Iron Marc Wright 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
General Public Brian Haber 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
General Public Ricky Serrano 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
General Public Joyce Dillard 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Debra Moreno 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
Heal the Bay
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Natural Resources Defense Council
Kristen James
Sean Bothwell
Noah Garrison
9/19/11 (6.8MB) Tagged Letter (30MB)
Humboldt Builder’s Exchange Members 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Monterey Peninsula Taxpayers Association Ronald Pasquinelli 9/15/11 Tagged Letter
O&M Industries, Inc Rob McBeth 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Orange County Business Council Kate Klimow 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce Diann Rogers 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Paul Webster 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
San Francisco Baykeeper Abigail Blodgett
Jason Flanders
9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Self-Help Counties Coalition Keith Dunn 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
Sempra Energy Utilities,
San Diego Gas and Electric Company,
Southern California Gas Company
Eugene Mitchell 9/16/11 Tagged Letter
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9 David Smith 9/19/11 Tagged Letter
Valley Industry and Commerce Association Daymond Rice
Stuart Waldman
9/16/11 Tagged Letter
Orange County Transit Authority Will Kempton 7/22/11 n/a
League of California Cities Kyra E Ross 9/19/11 n/a
Public Rick Grove 9/19/11 n/a
Public Shannon Connelly 9/19/11 n/a
Construction Industry Coalition on Water Quality Michael W Lewis 9/19/11 n/a
Port of Stockton Jeff Wingfield 9/19/11 n/a
Board of Supevisors - County of Madera Frank Beigelow 9/19/11 n/a
County of Riverside Transportation and Land Management Agency Juan C Perez 9/20/11 n/a