Compliance and Enforcement

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  Current Enforcement Activities

Historical Enforcement Activities

  • Adopted Orders - enforcement orders issued by the Central Valley Water Board since 2002
    (follow the instructions posted on that page to locate your desired data).

Supplemental Environmental Projects


The State Water Board’s 2017 SEP Policy defines Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) as environmentally beneficial projects that a discharger voluntarily agrees to undertake in the settlement of an administrative civil liability (ACL). The SEP offsets a portion of the monetary penalty. The Regional Water Board supports the inclusion of SEPs in the settlement of an enforcement action, so long as these projects meet the criteria specified in the SEP Policy to ensure that the selected projects have environmental value, further the enforcement goals and other important policies of the Water Boards and are subject to appropriate input and oversight by the Water Boards.

Active and Completed SEPs

Lists of active and completed SEPs are available on the Office of Enforcement’s webpage.

Submitting Ideas for Potential SEPs

The Regional Board is currently seeking proposals for potential SEPs. Any public or private party that (a) can receive and distribute funds and (b) has the ability to complete the work, may submit a SEP proposal. Please review the Supplemental Environmental Projects FAQ document before writing your proposal. Proposals should be submitted using the Water Board SEP Proposal Form.

The Regional Board accepts new proposals on a continuous basis and updates the list of potential SEPs periodically. The current list of potential projects is found at:

Rose Foundation/Disadvantaged Communities SEP Initiative

The Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment is a grant-making public charity based in Oakland. The Central Valley Water Board began working with the Rose Foundation in 2014 to promote the allocation of SEP monies to disadvantaged communities. The Rose Foundation helps disadvantaged communities develop SEP proposals, proposes a list of these projects to the Regional Board on an annual basis, and assists disadvantaged communities in the implementation of these SEPs by providing third-party oversight as the SEPs are funded, implemented, and completed. The Rose Foundation’s list of proposed projects must be approved by the Regional Board.

For more information or to submit a project proposal, please see the Central Valley Disadvantaged Community Water Quality Grants page of the Rose Foundation’s website.

The following documents summarize the SEPs completed under the third-party oversight of the Rose Foundation.

  • 2018 Summary of Rose Foundation Completed Projects
  • 2017 Summary of Rose Foundation Completed Projects
  • 2016 Summary of Rose Foundation Completed Projects
  • 2015 Summary of Rose Foundation Completed Projects
  • 2014 Summary of Rose Foundation Completed Projects

Previous Resolutions approving the Rose Foundation as a third-party administrator and previous yearly potential SEPs lists are available on the Historic Rose Foundation and Delta RMP Resolutions page.

Delta Regional Monitoring Program SEP

The Delta Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) is a stakeholder directed project formed to develop water quality data necessary for improving our understanding of Delta water quality issues.

Dischargers may choose to direct a portion of their monetary penalty to the Delta RMP SEP, as authorized by Resolution No. 2019-0011, adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board.  The previous (2016) Resolution approving this program is Resolution R5-2017-0400.

Reports of projects related to the Delta RMP are found on the SFEI Aquatic Science Center website.

Additional SEPs

Contact Us

The Central Valley Regional Board is always accepting applications for possible SEPs. If you would like to submit a proposal for a project, or have questions regarding SEPs, contact:

Enforcement Information

Fiscal Year 23/24 Annual Report Video
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Central Valley Water Board Enforcement

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Statewide Enforcement
In addition to the summary information provided by these quarterly reports, access to enforcement information on a real-time basis is available to the public. Such information can be accessed from the State Water Resources Control Board's Internet webpage as follows: