Pending Enforcement Liabilities & Penalties

This web page provides a summary of enforcement cases that are pending action by the San Francisco Bay Water Board to assess an administrative civil liability or a mandatory minimum penalty. To access documents associated with each case go to Enforcement Case Documents or click on the DISCHARGER/RESPONSIBLE PARTY

For more information on our enforcement procedures and process, go to our Enforcement program web page.

Tentative Cease and Desist Orders

  • There are currently no pending cases

Current Administrative Civil Liability Cases

Discharger or Responsible Party: Stuart and Eric Depper
Alleged Violation: Failure to submit technical reports.
Proposed Penalty: $88,000
Current Status: An Administrative Civil Liability Complaint and a Site Cleanup Requirement have been issued; Remediation of the site is in progress and there will be a future opportunity to comment on a settlement or attend a public hearing regarding this case.

Discharger or Responsible Party: Lehigh Cement Company
Alleged Violation: Unauthorized discharge.
Proposed Penalty: $600,310
Current Status: A Tentative (settlement) Order has been issued; the public comment period is open until September 21, 2023, by 5:00 p.m.

Current Mandatory Minimum Penalty Cases

  • There are currently no pending cases

Current Expedited Payment Program for Late Reports

  • There are currently no pending cases