Industrial Facilities

Companies involved in a variety of industrial activities must be covered under a general industrial storm water permit. Permitted activities and facilities include manufacturing operations, transportation facilities where vehicles are maintained (including fueling and washing), landfills, hazardous waste sites, and other similar operations.

The Industrial General Permit requires that each facility notify the state, prepare and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, and monitor to determine the amount of pollutants leaving the site. Although the plan does not have to be submitted to the Water Board it must be available at each facility. The permitted company must also submit an annual report to the Board.

With State approval, the general permit allows group monitoring. In these cases only selected facilities within a group are monitored in order to characterize the whole group. Also, a company may be exempt from all or part of the general permit if industrial materials (including wastes, products, machinery, roof exhausts, etc.) are not exposed to rain.

Vessel salvaging is an essential recycling process that benefits the community and the local economy. Because vessel salvaging activities have the potential to cause water and environmental pollution, the activities must comply with federal and State regulations. Please review the vessel salvaging and BMPs fact sheets prior to conducting this industrial operation in the San Francisco Bay Region.

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