San Diego Region - 2008 Adopted Orders, Decisions, and Resolutions

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Order Number

Cleanup and Abatement Order (CAO) No.R9-2008-0152. The CAO was issued February 11, 2009 to Dr. William & Lori Moritz for the unauthorized discharge of fill to an unnamed, ephemeral stream that is tributary to Rattlesnake Creek and ultimately Poway Creek in violation of Sections 13260(a) and 13264(a) of the California Water Code, and waste discharge prohibitions 1, 3, and 14 contained in the in the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin.


General Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges of treated groundwater from volatile organic compound cleanup sites to land in the San Diego Region. This Order supersedes Order No. R9 2003 0111.

Attachment 1 - Waste Discharge Form (Form 200)


General Waste Discharge Requirements for existing dairy animal feeding operations in the San Diego Region.


Resolution certifying that the Regional Board has complied with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration for General Waste Discharge Requirements for existing dairy animal feeding operations in the San Diego Region.

CEQA Findings
Initial Study and Environmental Checklist


Directing staff to promote the goals of the "No Drugs Down the Drain" campaign by providing a link from the Regional Board web-site to the campaign website,, and issuing a letter to the sewer collection and treatment agencies in the region requesting that they assist in educating the public and in sponsoring “take-back” programs within their service areas.


Investigative Order directing the County of San Diego to submit a technical report pertaining to a condition of pollution at the Bonsall Landfill, Twin Oaks Valley Road, Bonsall, California.

Addendum No. 1


General Waste Discharge Requirements (including Standard Application Form 200 and requirements for Monitoring and Reporting Program) for the application of reactive treatment materials to soil and ground water for cleanup of petroleum hydrocarbon fuel wastes and volatile organic compounds within the San Diego Region.


Investigative Order requiring the submittal of a technical and monitoring report pertaining to a release occurring on the southern sideslope of the Ramona Landfill, Ramona, San Diego County.


A Resolution Amending the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin (9) to Incorporate Implementation Provisions for Indicator Bacteria Water Quality Objectives to Account for Loading from Natural Uncontrollable Sources Within the Context of a Total Maximum Daily Load.


A Resolution to Adopt an Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin (9) to Incorporate Total Maximum Daily Loads for Indicator Bacteria, Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor and Shelter Island Shoreline Park in San Diego Bay


Investigative Order No. R9-2008-0010 for Preliminary Site Assessment and Quarterly Reporting, Downtown Tire Shop, San Diego, San Diego County.


Waste Discharge Requirements and Section 401 Water Quality Certification for Paul Garrett Enterprises Inc. and Temecula Properties, LLC, Temecula 84, Riverside County, California

Fact Sheet to Order R9-2008-0003


General Waste Discharge Requirements and NPDES Permit for discharges from groundwater extraction waste to surface waters within the San Diego Region except for San Diego Bay. (Order No. R9-2008-0002, NPDES No. CAG919002) Waste Discharge Application/NPDES Permit (Form 200)

Annual Fees

This Order was replaced by Order No. R9-2015-0013