General Orders

The San Diego Water Board may prescribe general WDRs for a category of discharges if all the following criteria apply to the discharges in that category:

  • The discharges are produced by the same or similar operations.
  • The discharges involve the same or similar types of waste.
  • The discharges require the same or similar treatment standards.
  • The discharges are more appropriately regulated under general discharge requirements than individual discharge requirements.

General WDRs simplify the application process for project proponents, allow more efficient use of San Diego Water Board resources, and provide a level of water quality protection comparable to individual WDRs. The following General WDRs are in effect for the San Diego Region:

  1. General Orders for Discharges to Surface Water
  2. Order No. R9-2008-0081: General Waste Discharge Requirements for in-situ Groundwater Remediation Projects within the San Diego Region
  3. Order No. R9-2008-0138: General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Treated Groundwater from Volatile Organic Compound Cleanup Sites to Land in the San Diego Region.
  4. Order No. R9-2007-0005: Waste Discharge Requirements for Sewage Collection Agencies in the San Diego Region.
  5. Order No. R9-2002-0342: Waste Discharge Requirements for the Disposal and/or Reuse of Petroleum Fuel Contaminated Soils (FCS) in the San Diego Region
  6. State Water Board General Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges to Land with a Low Threat to Water Quality
  7. Conditional Waivers
  8. Permit Decision Diagram

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