San Diego Region - Public Notices for Section 401 Water Quality Certifications

Public Notices

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board is currently reviewing applications for water quality certification under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act for the following projects.  State regulations require that these applications are publicly noticed for a minimum of twenty-one (21) days prior to the San Diego Water Board taking an action.

We encourage public comments on the proposed work which will be considered in the decision on certification. You may submit comments by email, mail, or fax to the San Diego Water Board. Please include the Project Name and Place ID Number in the subject line of your correspondence and deliver to:

California Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Diego Region
2375 Northside Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108
Fax: (619) 516-1994

For Project-specific information, please contact the assigned San Diego Water Board staff. To schedule a file review, email

Comment Period

Place ID Number

Project Name and Description


6/18 - 7/9


Phase II - Trabuco Rose Preserve Gully Repair & Restoration Project

The Applicant proposes to fill in the gaps between the large rip-rap with river rock and native soil/sediment and planting with native vegetation to provide erosion protection and energy dissipation at the transition to the existing gully floor in the oak tree zone, while providing for anatural stream appearance and function. Approximately 400 cubic yards of native soil will be excavated from the onsite seasonal pool/wetland (“borrow site”) to provide a planting medium within the gully while restoring wetland functions.

Christopher Means


5/24 - 6/14


Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Habitat Restoration Plan Project Applicant: County of San Diego

The Applicant proposes to implement a maintenance and monitoring program for the restoration of disturbed habitats within the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, which comprises approximately 1,740 acres of native and non-native wetland, riparian, and upland habitats. Under the Habitat Restoration Plan, a total of 595 acres of disturbed and invasive non-native plant communities and point locations of invasive non-native plant species will be treated through mechanized/non-mechanized removal and trimming and restored into native habitats through seeding and planting. Restoration will be implemented in phases in 12 separate Treatment Areas. The Project is located in San Diego County, CA.

Lisa Honma

5/10 - 5/31


Opportunistic Beach Fill Program Project
Applicant: City of Encinitas

The Applicant proposes to place up to 900,000 cubic yards of beach quality sand from opportunistic sources at Batiquitos, Leucadia, Moonlight, and Cardiff Beaches over a 10-year period. The Project is located in the City of Encinitas, San Diego County, CA.

Alan Monji




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