Site Restoration, Military Facilities Unit

San Diego - Department of Defense Program (DoD)

Program Overview

The Site Restoration, Military Facilities Unit (SRMFU) is part of the statewide Department of Defense (DoD) Program. The SRMFU supports the mission of the San Diego Water Board by working in partnership with other state, federal, and local environmental agencies to provide regulatory oversight for investigation and cleanup sites at federal facilities where releases of pollutants have occurred. The State Water Resources Control Board and San Diego Water Board work under the Defense and State Memorandum of Agreement Cooperative Agreement (DSMOA CA). The DSMOA CA allows for the expeditious cleanup at military facilities while ensuring compliance with applicable State laws and regulations. Affected media include soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, and air. The types of pollutants encountered at sites are diverse and include solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, fuel constituents, perchlorate, and emerging contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

SRMFU staff are responsible for managing DoD Program cases within Region 9. Case management involves communicating with the Department of Navy, Marine Corps, consultants, third parties, the public, and other agencies, as well as coordinating case work to ensure pollutant releases are identified, assessed, investigated, and cleaned up. Case information is stored on the State Water Resources Control Board's publicly accessible GeoTracker website.

DoD Program Database

The GeoTracker database is the storehouse of information for sites that the Regional Water Boards oversee. The database also stores information for cleanup sites that are overseen by cities, counties and health agencies in the state. To find a site, enter the site name or city in the search field shown, and click on the box shown on the map that corresponds to the desired location. The advanced search tool displays site(s) of interest using search criteria such as global identification number, site/facility name, address, city, zip code, county, site/facility type, cleanup status, and/or Regional Board.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) database, Envirostor, is similar to the Water Boards' GeoTracker database and can be accessed to view cleanup sites, the database contains sites that primarily overseen.



  • Sean McClain, PG - Senior Engineering Geologist
    (619) 521-3374
  • Kristin Schwall, PE - Water Resource Control Engineer
    (619) 521-3368
    San Diego NISE-West - SPAWAR Old Town Campus
    San Diego Naval Training Center
    San Diego Fleet and Industrial Supply Center
    Point Loma Naval Complex
  • Tanya Clark, PG - Engineering Geologist
    (619) 521-3355
    Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base
    Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station
  • Joe Whearty, PG - Engineering Geologist
    (619) 521-3357
    Naval Base San Diego
    Imperial Beach Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Diego Naval Auxiliary Landing Field
  • Chehreh Komeylyan – Water Resource Control Engineer
    (619) 521-3366
    North island Naval Air Station
    Marine Corps Air Station Miramar