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Stormwater - Hydromodification

Storm Water Program


CA State Water Boards' Storm Water Program Efforts to Address Hydromodification Impacts

College of Storm Water Sponsored Hydromodification Seminar and Workshops

What is the College of Storm Water?

The Water Board Academy is a highly successful internal institution that provides technical and leadership development for Water Board employees and our partners. Since its inception in 2003 the Academy has provided over 1,500 training events for 40,000 individuals. In 2010 the Water Board Academy created the College of Storm Water to focus organizational development on topics related to the storm water program. In the past two years the College of SW hosted a series of training events on the new Construction General Permit (inspections, enforcement, lessons learned) and is rolling out a new Hydromodification Seminar Series and other classes.

What is the Purpose of this Seminar Series?

The SCCWRP hydromodification report contains a lot of technical content that deserves to be fully discussed and vetted by all stakeholders. The seminar series main objective is to provide a venue to distribute and discuss the report content. We anticipate at least 4 seminars on this report – one overview (Nov. 28, 2012) and three on more detailed subjects. To support the seminars and the overarching goals of the Water Boards we will schedule accompanying workshops for each seminar. The format will be seminar in the morning and workshop in the afternoon. The seminar’s tone is intended to be more academic, with an emphasis on educational outcomes. The purpose of the workshops will be to provide a more open dialog about the policy and implementation issues that are raised in the seminar.

Leaf in water

  • 1st Hydromodification Seminar and Workshop

November 28, 2012 - 9 am to 4 pm
Klamath Room, 2nd Floor
CalEPA Headquarters, 1001 I St., Sacramento, CA 95814

Agenda and Flier for November 28, 2013, Event

Webex Recording – Click Here

Future Activities

In 2013 the State Water Board plans to conduct additional activities on the topics raised in this report. Future activities could include:

  • a white paper with staff recommendations on opportunities to better manage hydromod impacts;
  • a formal State Water Board workshop on potential policy and permitting opportunities; and/or
  • additional seminars and other informal, workshops and events to improve common understanding of hydromod impacts and intervention options.

For more information please contact the Storm Water Program: