Perchlorate Groundwater Contamination Information

Barstow Perchlorate Fact Sheet - April 2012

An investigation by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) reveals that 12 of 22 temporary sample wells in Barstow are contaminated with perchlorate, a chemical used in making explosives.

Barstow Perchlorate Fact Sheet - June 2011

This fact sheet is to update residents on the results of recent investigations of groundwater contamination in the Barstow area. The chemical, perchlorate, was discovered late last year in wells used by Golden State Water Company and in two private residential water supply wells. Municipal supplies by Golden State Water Company were flushed of the contamination, and contaminated water is not being distributed. area.

Barstow Perchlorate Fact Sheet - December 2010

This fact sheet is to provide information about recently discovered groundwater contamination in a few drinking water wells. Municipal drinking water supplied by Golden State Water Company is NO LONGER affected by this contamination. The concern is that some private wells MAY contain perchlorate at levels above drinking water standards.

Barstow Perchlorate Press Release - November 24, 2010

Barstow, CA - Groundwater in a limited area of Barstow that serves individual wells contains perchlorate above the California drinking water standard (maximum contaminant level or MCL).