Settlement Agreement with Bijou Marketplace, LLC, El Dorado County


Bijou Marketplace LLC was the owner and legally responsible party for development of the Bijou Marketplace shopping center, located at 3600 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe. Bijou Marketplace, LLC was responsible for complying with all elements of the General Waste Discharge Requirements and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activity in the Lake Tahoe Hydrologic Unit, Order No. R6T-2016-0010, NPDES No. CAG616002 (General Permit).

The Lahontan Water Board’s Prosecution Team alleged that Bijou Marketplace, LLC violated multiple elements of the General Permit, including allowing storm water to run off the site that (a) exceeded the turbidity effluent limitation on September 8, 2017, (b) exceeded the turbidity effluent limitation on November 16, 2017, (c) exceeded the total phosphorus effluent limitation on March 22, 2018, (d) exceeded the turbidity effluent limitation on March 23, 2018, and (e) exceeded the turbidity, total iron, and total phosphorus effluent limitations on April 7, 2018. In addition, Bijou Marketplace, LLC did not install and properly maintain BMPs on November 16, 2017 and allowed sediment to discharge to surface waters on November 29, 2017.

The Lahontan Water Board's Prosecution Team and Bijou Marketplace, LLC agreed to settle the alleged violations through payment of $58,773 to the State Water Resources Control Board’s Cleanup and Abatement Account.  The proposed settlement was posted for public comments for a 30-day period.  No comments were received.

On August 25, 2021, the Lahontan Water Board’s Executive Officer, acting on behalf of the Lahontan Water Board, signed the Acceptance and Waiver. 

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