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Public Comments regarding the Proposed Regulatory Framework for Extended Emergency Regulation for Urban Water Conservation

Thank you to everyone who provided comments. The State Water Board received over 200 comments on the proposal, which are posted below. Due to the large volume of responses, the State Water Board will be unable to respond to each comment individually. However, all comments are being considered during the development of emergency regulations. Please note that this is not a complete list and we will be adding additional comments as we continue to sort through the large number of responses.

Commenter(s): Submitted by:
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland
Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency Nicole Sandkulla
Camrosa Water District Ian Prichard
Tony Stafford
Calaveras County Water District Dave Eggerton
California Building Industry Association Richard Lyon
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Pacific Institute
Natural Resources Defense Council
Sara Aminzadeh, Heather Cooley, Tracy Quinn
California Water Association Jack Hawks
California Water Service Shannon Dean
Carlsbad Municipal Water District Wendy Chambers
California Municipal Utilities Association Danielle Blacet
Carpentaria Valley Water District Rhonda Gutierrez
Castaic Lake Water Agency Matthew G. Stone
City of Arcata Mark S. Andre
City of Anderson David Durette
City of Bakersfield Colin L. Pearce
City of Barstow Charles C. Mitchell
City of Cathedral City Charles McClendon
City of Corona Jonathan Daly
City of Clovis Luke Serpa
City of Daly City Patrick Sweetland
City of Downey Shannon DeLong
City of Fairfield George R. Hicks
City of Folsom Evert W. Palmer
City of Fortuna Doug Culbert
City of Glendora Chris Jeffers
Valerie Escalante
City of Indian Wells Ken Seumalo
City of Modesto Juan Tejeda
City of Oceanside, Water Utilities Department Cari Dale
City of Palos Verdes Estates Anton Dahlerbruch
City of Pittsburg Walter C. Pease
City of Poway Daniel Singer
City of Rancho Cucamonga L. Dennis Michael
City of Rancho Palos Verdes Doug Willmore
City of Rolling Hills Raymond R. Cruz
City of Rolling Hills Estates Douglas R.Prichard
City of Roseville Richard D Plecker
City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities William Busath
City of San Diego Halla Razak
City of Sierra Madre Elaine Aguilar
City of South Pasadena Sergio Gonzalez
City of Susanville Jared G. Hancock
City of Vacaville Royce W. Cunningham
City of Visalia Kimball R. Loeb
City of Walnut Creek Heather Ballenger
Coachella Valley Water District Jim Barrett
Contra Costa Water District Jerry Brown
County of San Bernardino Bob Page
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
County of San Diego Donald Steuer
Cucamonga Valley Water District Martin E. Zvirbulis
Desert Water Agency David Luker
East Orange County Water District Lisa Ohlund
Eastern Municipal Water District Paul D. Jones II
Elizabeth Lovsted
Edison Water Resources Alyssa Go
El Dorado Irrigation District Thomas D. Cumpston
Fallbrook Public Utility District Brian J. Brady
General Public Geoff Murray
General Public Robert Berry
General Public Shawn Berry (1)
Shawn Berry (2)
General Public Sue Berry
General Public Stella Bolog
General Public Dave Buttner
General Public Catherine Dickerson
General Public David P. Ferguson
General Public Charlota Franklin-Campbell
General Public Bill Gates
General Public Ronald L. Gurney
General Public Alfred Haboush
General Public Connie Hucko
General Public Nicole Jones
General Public Jon Jump
General Public Peter R. McWilliams
General Public Geoff Murray
General Public Ron Lindemann
General Public Tim Pickwell
General Public Cynthia Pollard
General Public Randy Reznicek
General Public Marty & Sharon Ryzak
General Public Alex Scott
General Public Jeffrey S. Sheff
General Public Gregg R. Short
General Public Caleb Standafer
General Public Bill Stoops
General Public John Towart
General Public Chet Warwick
General Public John & Christine Willems
General Public DeAna Verbeke
Carlos Lugo

Kathleen Coates Hedberg
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Paul Helliker
David Hull
Greg Orsini
Mark Andre
Brian Gerving
Richard Hanger
Christopher Drop
Indian Wells Valley Water District Donald M. Zdeba
Indio Water Authority
City of Indio
Brian Macy
Irvine Ranch Water District Paul A. Cook
Lakeside Water District Brett Sanders
Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts Paul H. Maselbas
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Martin L. Adams
Los Angeles Waterkeeper Bruce Reznik
Mojave Water Agency Kirby Brill
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District David J. Stoldt
Mountain Counties Water Resources Association John Kingsbury
Monte Vista Water District Mark N. Kinsey
Municipal Water District of Orange County Robert J. Hunter
North Marin Water District Chris DeGabriele
Olivenhain Municipal Water District Kimberly A. Thorner
Orange County Taxpayers Association  Carolyn Cavecche
Orange County Water District Michael R. Markus
Padre Dam Municipal Water District Allen Carlisle
Pasadena Water & Power Eric R. Klinkner
Placer County Water Agency Einar Maisch
Public Water Agencies Group Dominic J Nunneri
Rainbow Municipal Water District Tom Kennedy
Rancho California Water District  Jeffrey D. Armstrong
Regional Water Authority and Sacramento Groundwater Authority John Woodling
Rincon Water Greg Thomas
Riverside Public Utilities Girish Balachandran
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
California Coastal Protection Network
San Diego Coastkeeper
Clean Water Action
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
Environmental Center of San Diego
Seventh Generation Advisors
Environmental Action Committee of West Marin
Wishtoyo Foundation
Surfrider San Diego Chapter
Environmental Defense Center
Orange County Coastkeeper
Surfrider Foundation
Heal the Bay
Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
Cleveland National Forest Foundation
Residents for Responsible Desalination
Ventura Coastkeeper
San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper
Los Angeles Waterkeeper
Escondido Neighbors United
Planning & Conservation League
Center for Biological Diversity
American Rivers
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
Institute for Fisheries Resources
Wholly H20
Russian River Watershed Protection Committee
Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks
California Save Our Streams Council
Susan Jordan
Matt O’Malley
Jennifer Clary
Kira Redmond
Dave Grubb
Leslie Tamminen
Amy Trainer
Mati Waiya
Julia Chunn
Linda Krop
Garry Brown
Jennifer Savage
Rita Kampalath
Marco Gonzalez
Duncan McFetridge
Merle Moshiri
Jason Weiner
Gordon Hensley
Bruce Reznik
Laura Hunter
Jonas Minton
Emily Jeffers
Jeff Odefey
Zach Plopper
Tim Sloane
Elizabeth Doherty
Brenda Adelman
Jean Watt
Lloyd Carter
Sacramento County Water Agency Michael L. Peterson
San Diego County Water Authority Maureen Stapleton
San Diego Regional
Chamber of Commerce
Jerry Sanders
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Steven R. Ritchie
Santa Fe Irrigation District  Michael J. Bardin
Santa Margarita Water District Daniel R. Ferons
School Energy Coalition Anna Ferrera
Sierra Club California Kyle Jones
Southern California Watershed Alliance, Residents for Responsible Desalination and Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation Conner Everts
Merle Moshiri
Marco Gonzalez
South Tahoe Public Utility District Richard H. Solbrig
Sweetwater Authority James L. Smyth
Tahoe Truckee Urban Water Suppliers Michael D. Holley, Cindy Gustafson, Richard Solbrig, Duane Whitelaw
Vallecitos Water District Dennis O. Lamb
Valley Center Municipal Water District Gary Arant
Walnut Valley Water District Michael Holmes
West Basin Municipal Water District Gloria D. Gray
Western Municipal Water District John Rossi
Yorba Linda Water District Marc Marcantonio
Yucaipa Valley Water District Joseph B. Zoba

For further information on this topic, please contact:

Kathy Frevert at (916) 322-5274 or by email at kathy.frevert@waterboards.ca.gov