Water Rights Petitions Program

Welcome to the State Water Board's Water Rights Petitions Program webpage.

This page provides on overview of the overall petitions program, and links to various types of processes available to change water rights.

  General Program Information

Water Right Terms

The following are the typical terms in a water right. Review the types of petitions and which process best meets your need. Changes will be evaluated based on how they affect other right holders and the environment.

The following can be changed:

  • Place and purpose of use
  • Due diligence deadlines
  • Point of diversion
  • Public trust terms
  • CEQA mitigation measures
  • Other conditions

The following can not be changed:

  • Source
  • Quantity of diversion or use
  • Season of diversion
  • Priority date

  News and Announcements

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  • Water Rights General Phone Line: (916) 341-5300