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Between June 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016, suppliers that were within 5 percentage points of meeting their conservation standard (Priority 3), were sent warning letters remind suppliers that they should immediately take additional steps to enhance water conservation efforts and ensure that their conservation standard is met in future months.

The following table identifies suppliers that were issued Warning Letters by the State Water Board:

Out of Compliance Warning Letters

Alco Water Service 10/5/2015
Amador Water Agency 8/14/2015
Bakersfield, City of 8/11/2015
Banning, City of 8/11/2015
Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company 8/11/2015
Big Bear City Community Services District 1/14/2016
California Water Service Company Bear Gulch 12/9/2015
California Water Service Company Hermosa/Redondo 1/14/2016
California Water Service Company Palos Verdes 8/11/2015
Carlsbad Municipal Water District 8/11/2015
Carmichael Water District 11/6/2015
Castaic Lake Water Agency Santa Clarita Water Division 8/11/2015
Chino, City of 8/11/2015
City of Big Bear Lake, Dept of Water & Power 12/9/2015
Clovis, City of 8/11/2015
Coachella, City of 8/11/2015
Coalinga, City of 8/11/2015
Colton, City of 8/11/2015
Corcoran, City of 8/11/2015
Covina, City of 8/11/2015
Crescent City, City of 8/11/2015
Delano, City of 8/11/2015
Desert Water Agency 9/14/2015
East Niles Community Service District 8/11/2015
East Valley Water District 2/24/2016
El Centro, City of 8/11/2015
El Toro Water District 8/11/2015
Exeter, City of 8/11/2015
Fillmore, City of 8/14/2015
Folsom, City of 11/6/2015
Fortuna, City of 9/30/2015
Fresno, City of 12/9/2015
Fruitridge Vista Water Company 12/9/2015
Fullerton, City of 8/11/2015
Georgetown Divide Public Utilities District 1/14/2016
Glendora, City of 8/11/2015
Golden State Water Company Barstow 2/25/2016
Golden State Water Company Cordova 12/9/2015
Golden State Water Company Cowan Heights 1/14/2016
Golden State Water Company Ojai 8/11/2015
Hi-Desert Water District 8/14/2015
Imperial, City of 8/11/2015
Irvine Ranch Water District 8/11/2015
Jurupa Community Service District 3/21/2016
Kerman, City of 8/11/2015
La Verne, City of 8/14/2015
Lamont Public Utility District 12/9/2015
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District 8/11/2015
Lee Lake Water District 8/11/2015
Lodi, City of Public Works Department 9/14/2015
Lomita, City of 2/25/2016
Los Banos, City of 8/11/2015
Lynwood, City of 8/14/2015
Manteca, City of 12/9/2015
Mesa Water District 1/14/2016
Modesto, City of 8/11/2015
Monrovia, City of 9/14/2015
Monterey Park, City of 8/11/2015
Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company 8/11/2015
Newhall County Water District 2/25/2016
Nevada Irrigation District 11/6/2015
North Tahoe Public Utility District 12/9/2015
Olivehurst Public Utility District 9/14/2015
Olivenhain Municipal Water District 8/11/2015
Orange, City of 8/11/2015
Palmdale Water District 8/11/2015
Pasadena, City of 8/11/2015
Perris, City of 8/11/2015
Pico Water District 8/18/2015
Placer County Water Agency 12/9/2015
Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District 8/11/2015
Rio Linda - Elverta Community Water District 12/9/2015
Ripon, City of 8/11/2015
Rowland Water District 8/11/2015
Sacramento Suburban Water District 8/11/2015
San Bernardino, City of 2/24/2016
San Bernardino County Service Area 64 8/11/2015
San Gabriel Valley Fontana Water Company 8/11/2015
San Jacinto, City of 2/24/2016
San Juan Capistrano, City of 8/11/2015
Santa Paula, City of 1/14/2016
Santa Rosa, City of 8/11/2015
Sierra Madre, City of 9/14/2015
Soledad, City of 10/5/2015
Sonoma, City of 4/29/2016
South Tahoe Public Utilities District 1/14/2016
Suburban Water Systems Whittier/La Mirada 8/11/2015
Suisun-Solano Water Authority 8/11/2015
Temescal Valley Water District 9/14/2015
Trabuco Canyon Water District 8/11/2015
Truckee-Donner Public Utilities District 2/25/2016
Tulare, City of 8/11/2015
Tustin, City of 8/11/2015
Vaughn Water Company 8/11/2015
Vernon, City of 8/11/2015
Walnut Valley Water District 1/14/2016
Watsonville, City of 8/11/2015
Westminster, City of 8/11/2015
Yuba City, City of 11/6/2015

  *If you would like to view specific Warning Letters, please submit a request to Ms. Angeles Caliso at angeles.caliso@waterboards.ca.gov.