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Water System Administrator: Information for Potential Administrators

Are you a water system expert interested in serving as a water system administrator to struggling communities?

The State Water Board is seeking applicants that can manage, operate, and perform the long-term planning and construction activities for failing water systems.

Visit the Administrator Program page for general information. View our Administrator Policy FAQ  to learn more about the Administrator policies or read below to learn about the process for joining the pool of candidates.

Currently appointed, approved Administrators candidates, or professionals interested in joining the Administrator pool can review our template for the 'Administrator Community Accountability and Engagement Plan'.

Request for Qualifications

The State Water Board is seeking individuals and organizations to create a pool of qualified candidates that can be appointed as administrators. We are soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) from interested parties to be included in the administrator candidate pool. This is a continuous advertisement and may be completed at any time. The administrator candidate pool will be maintained and continuously updated.

Joining the Administrator Pool

  • Applicants submitting qualifications should address all requirements in the Request for Qualifications guideline, and review Section 116686 of the California Health and Safety Code and the Administrator Policy Handbook (English | Spanish).
  • Applicants will be notified of Acceptance or Denial to the Administrator Pool within approximately 60 days.
  • Qualified Administrators will remain active in the Administrator Pool for 10 years.

Administrator Appointment Process

  • Qualified administrator pool candidates will be sent a Request for Interest (ROI) when services for a specific project are needed within the administrators geographical area.
  • The State Water Board will select the most competitive applicant from the ROI submittals, taking community input into consideration.
  • The scope of work, funding agreement, and Administrator Order will be developed with the selected administrator applicant.


Read through the Request For Qualifications and reach out to the Northern California or Southern California SAFER Engagement unit contacts.