Proposition 50: Round 2 Project Priority Lists

CDPH has compiled eligible preapplications into a Round 2 Project Priority List (PPL) (2006-2007) for each grant program based on the Proposition 50 Ranking Criteria for Chapters 3 and 4 and Chapter 6 (b) & (c).

Eligible projects in these funding programs (except for Chapter 6b) are in two distinct PPLs, one for Non-Disadvantaged Communities, and one for Disadvantaged Communities. Under the provisions of Proposition 50, a portion of the total funds will be allocated to projects benefiting Disadvantaged Communities. Disadvantaged Communities are defined as those with a Median Household Income (MHI) of less than 80% of the Statewide MHI. For each Proposition 50 funding chapter, CDPH has established a separate PPL for applicants that meet the Disadvantaged Community criteria. CDPH evaluated the MHI only for applicants who indicated that their project would meet those criteria.

Preapplications determined to be ineligible by CDPH will receive an email followed by a letter of explanation. Questions regarding ineligibility should be directed to the local CDPH District Engineer (PDF). Ineligible projects are not included on PPLs.

Invitations to Submit Funding Applications

Based on available funding this year, some applicants near the top of the final PPLs will be invited to submit a full funding application. Projects that are not funded this year will automatically remain on the PPL for future years. In addition, water systems may submit preapplications for new projects during the preapplication submittal period during the designated period each year. New projects will be added to the appropriate PPL each year, following a request for new preapplications.

Click here for the lists of Round 2 (2006-2007) invitees.

Click here for the lists of Round 1 (2004-2005) invitees.

Public comments were solicited on draft PPLs for at least 30 days. Comments were submitted in writing or via email to CDPH. Following CDPH's review and consideration of comments received on the draft PPLs, final PPLs are listed here.

Round 2 Project Priority Lists (2006-2007)

No proposals for were submitted in Round 2 for Chapter 4a.2: Demonstration Projects and Studies for Contaminant Treatment and Removal, and Chapter 6b: Demonstration Projects and Studies for Contaminant Removal. Click here for the Round 1 PPLs (2004-2005).

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