Laws and Regulations

Pending Adjudicative Actions Subject to Prohibition on Ex Parte Communications

In compliance with the Constitution and Government Code, certain adjudicative matters pending before the State Water Board are subject to a prohibition on Ex Parte Communications Questions and Answers Document. Adjudicative matters are those items where the board functions like a court. Persons interested in these adjudicative matters may not communicate with the State Water Board members and certain staff regarding any issue in the proceeding, without providing an opportunity for all parties to participate in or receive a copy of the communication. Generally this means that any communication to the board members on these matters must occur at a duly noticed meeting on the matter or must be in writing and transmitted to all parties known to be interested in the proceeding.

The list of pending adjudicative actions is being updated. For questions about water right matters that may be adjudicative in nature, contact Andy Sawyer, or (916) 341-5191. For questions about water quality matters that may be adjudicative in nature, contact Phil Wyels, or (916) 341-5178.