Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2017

Learn About Rivers and Lots More in the Free Online Water Quality Monitoring Team Calendar State Water Board
Kirkwood Mountain Resort Agrees to Settlement for Allegations of Clean Water Act Violations Water Quality
State Water Board Investigation Leads to Arrest of Los Angeles County Environmental Lab Owner for Fraud Enforcement
North Coast Region Receives Nearly $25 Million in Prop 1 Funding for Wastewater System Upgrades Financial Assistance
State Water Board Accepting Applications to Fund Drinking Water Projects at Schools Financial Assistance
Travel Centers of America to Pay $500,000 for Violating Consent Judgment in Underground Storage Tank Case Enforcement
State Water Board Adopts Order on Long-Term Management of Salton Sea Water Quality
Multiple Local Agencies Act to Prevent Post-Fires Floods, Pollution Region 1/Water Quality
Shasta County Land Owner to Pay $143,640 Penalty for Water Quality Violations Associated with Cannabis Cultivation Region 5/Enforcement
State Water Board Adopts Environmental Standards for Cannabis Cultivation Water Quality
State Water Board Issues Draft Agricultural Water Quality Order for Eastern San Joaquin River Watershed Water Quality
Regional Board Files Complaint Against Developers for Water Quality Violations Related to Cannabis Cultivation in Trinity County Region 1/Enforcement
Blue-green algae bloom triggers Danger Alert for water contact in Klamath Reservoirs and River Region 1/Water Quality
Water Boards Remind the Public to be Aware of Harmful Algal Blooms this Holiday Weekend Water Quality
California Achieves Major Milestone Toward Sustainable Groundwater Management Water Conservation
Free Infrastructure Funding Fairs Coming to Southern California Aug. 29-30 Financial Assistance
Tuolumne County Communities With Dry or Contaminated Wells Get Reliable Source of Drinking Water Drinking Water
Report finds program to restore Lake Tahoe's clarity is on track Region 6/Water Quality
City of San Diego Agrees to $3.2 Million Settlement on Erosion Control Case Region 9/Enforcement
Last of "Mothball Fleet" Ships Leaves Suisun Bay, Ending a Decade-Long Environmental Effort Region 2/Water Quality
State Water Board Settles More Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Claims Related to Alleged Contractor Negligence Enforcement
State Water Board Approves Removal of Drinking Water Standard for Hexavalent Chromium Drinking Water
L.A. Regional Water Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reach Settlement Over Clean Water Act Violations Region 4/Enforcement
Cyanobacteria Bloom Triggers Danger Advisory Against Water Contact at Copsey Creek in Lake County Region 5/Water Quality
Cyanobacteria Warning Issued for North Coast Rivers and Lakes Region 1/Water Quality
State Water Board Approves Drinking Water Standard for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane Drinking Water
Free Infrastructure Funding Fair in Monterey July 19 Financial Assistance
Blue-green algae bloom triggers warning against water contact at Copco Reservoir on the Klamath Region 1/Water Quality
Aqua Science Engineers to pay $50,000, cease work with State Water Board for Alleged Abuses of Storage Tank Fund Enforcement
San Diego Water Board to Hear Residents' Water Quality Concerns at Environmental Justice Forum June 10 Region 9/Water Quality
State Water Board, and Six Partner Agencies, to Host Infrastructure Funding Fair in Tulare Financial Assistance
San Diego County Business Issued $94,078 Penalty for Water Quality Permit Violations Region 9/Enforcement
Harmful Algal Bloom Season Beginning in California’s Waterways Water Quality
Central Coast Water Board Supports Salinas Valley Safe Drinking Water Agreement; Water Deliveries Expected Soon - en Español Region 3/Drinking Water
Massive Cleanup of Trash in San Diego River Ecological Reserve Region 9/Water Quality
Lahontan Water Board Issues Cleanup Order for Dry Cleaning Chemical at Lake Tahoe Laundry Works Site Region 6/Enforcement
RELP Metro LLC Agrees to Settlement for Stormwater Violations at its 68-acre Metro Air Park Region 5/Enforcement
State Water Board Adopts Mercury Limits for Water Bodies Water Quality
State Water Board Rescinds Mandatory Conservation Standards; Reporting Requirements and Prohibition on Water Waste Remain Water Conservation
Visalia Dairy Issued $75,600 Penalty, and Cease and Desist Order for failing to comply with Dairy General Order Region 5/Enforcement
Harmful Cyanobacteria Detected in Long Beach Park Ponds; Caution Urged with Contact by Pets and Children Region 4/Water Quality
San Diego Bay Fish Consumption Detailed in Southern California Coastal Water Research Report Region 9/Water Quality
State Water Board Approves $35 Million for East Porterville Water Project Financial Assistance
State Releases Plan to Make Water Conservation a Way of Life Water Conservation
City of Jackson Agrees to Settlement Over Sewage System Violation Allegations Region 5/Enforcement
Sutter Creek Bridge Construction Site Settles Enforcement Action for Stormwater Violations Region 5/Enforcement
Tuolumne County Agrees to Settlement for Stormwater Violations at Jail Access Road project Region 5/Enforcement
Local Farmers, State Agencies Collaborate On Drinking Water Replacement Program For Salinas Valley Communities Enforcement
Sacramento Area Sewer District Settles Sewage Spill Violations Region 5/Enforcement
Statewide Water Savings Exceed 25 Percent in February
Water Conservation
State Water Board Approves Proposition 1 Funding for Cleanup of Groundwater Contamination Financial Assistance
State Water Board, and Six Partner Agencies, to Host Infrastructure Funding Fair in Sacramento Financial Assistance
State Water Board Reminds Water Right Holders of April 1 Reporting Deadline Water Rights
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. Announces Appointments to State Water Board State Water Board
Central Coast Regional Water Board Approves Irrigated Lands Agricultural Order Region 3/Water Quality
Growers Assessed Penalties for Failure to Obtain Water Quality Permits, Submit Reports Required to Prevent Water Pollution Region 5/Enforcement
State Water Board Adopts Climate Change Resolution
Climate Change
Statewide Water Savings Surpass 20 Percent in January; Weather Extremes Are California's Reality Under Climate Change
Water Conservation
Dollar General Construction Site in Amador County Settles Enforcement Action for Stormwater Violations Region 5/Enforcement
State Water Board Launches Human Right to Water Web Portal Drinking Water
State Water Board Continues Water Conservation Regulations, Prohibitions Against Wasting Water
Water Conservation
Settlement of Negligence Dispute Bars L.A. - Based Storage Tank Cleanup Firm from Working with State Water Board Enforcement
Central Coast Water Board Fines El Paso De Robles for Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Violations Region 3/Enforcement
Central Coast Water Board Reaches Settlements with Farming Operations for Violations of Agricultural Order Region 3/Enforcement
State Water Board Settles Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Claims Related to Alleged Contractor Negligence, False Information Enforcement
California Water Systems to Provide Lead Testing For Schools Drinking Water
Clean Water Team's 2017 Online Calendar Offers Volunteer Opportunities and Much More State Water Board
Lahontan Water Board Receives $2.67 Million Grant to Clean up Perchlorate Plume Near Barstow Region 6/Water Quality
Statewide Water Savings Nearly Reach 19 Percent in November; Most of State Still Experiencing Drought Conditions Water Conservation