Enforcement News Releases – 2021

Conservation Date
Cannabis cultivation company settles with Colorado River Basin Water Board for illegal discharges
$125,000 fine will renovate city’s water supply infrastructure

Drinking Water Date

Water Quality Violations Date
Settlement reached with sewer district that had hundreds of raw sewage spills 12/29/2021
Los Angeles Water Board reaches settlements with four companies for waste discharge violations
$411,282 will be deposited in state’s cleanup account
Global real estate company agrees to pay $565,304 for unauthorized discharges at construction site
Exeter reaches settlement with Santa Ana Water Board
Imperial Irrigation District settlement leads to water quality upgrade for disadvantaged households
$549,000 fine will be used to provide Point of Entry water treatment
Monterey One Water to pay $800,000 for discharges of untreated wastewater into Monterey Bay 08/17/2021
Settlement reached but monitoring continues of crude oil release in Ventura County watershed
$330,218 in fines will be deposited in the Waste Discharge Permit Fund
San Diego Water Board orders federal treatment plant to stop discharge permit violations
Agency also directed to make repairs at wastewater border facility
PG&E settlement for once-through-cooling discharges at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant 06/22/2021
Court decision upholds $2.8 million fine, clears path for long-awaited restoration of Point Buckler Island
Unauthorized levee construction considered brazen and harmful
Laguna Beach reaches $1.5 million settlement for wastewater collection system failure 06/09/2021
Pistachio processing facility in Tulare County will pay $221,440 fine for odor violations 06/07/2021
$2.5 million settlement reached for Mule Creek State Prison violations of Clean Water Act 03/29/2021
City of Colfax agrees to settlement for Bunch Creek sewage spill 03/26/2021
Sumiden Wire Co. agrees to settlement in industrial wastewater discharge case 03/11/2021

Water Rights Date
Nestle told to cease unauthorized diversions in San Bernardino National Forest
State Water Board investigation finds multiple violations

Underground Storage Tank Violations Date

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Prevention Date