Press Releases/Media Advisories – 2022

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DESCRIPTION DATE CATEGORY Comunicado de Prensa en Español
Mission Springs Water District to pay $175,000 to resolve discharge violations 12/21/2022 Enforcement  
State Water Board readopts ban on wasteful water uses 12/09/2022 General  
North Coast Water Board names new executive officer with deep ties to region 11/28/2022 Region 1  
Water Boards and City of Santa Monica celebrate opening of water recycling facilities 11/17/2022 General  
State Water Board appoints Tulare County as administrator for East Orosi water system 11/15/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
State Water Board adopts new standards to reduce water loss 10/27/2022 General  
North Coast Water Board increases enforcement on cannabis growers, issues six-figure fines 10/13/2022 Region 1 / Enforcement  
City of San Francisco wins award for efforts to reduce "forever chemicals" 10/13/2022 Region 2 / Water Quality  
State Water Board approves $2.7 billion in financial assistance as California recognizes 10th anniversary of Human Right to Water 10/12/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
La Junta Estatal del Agua asigna una asistencia financiera de $2.7 mil millones mientras California celebra el 10mo aniversario del Derecho Humano al Agua 10/12/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
Defense Logistics Agency agrees to pay $1.6 million penalty for underground storage tank violations 09/29/2022 Water Quality  
Southern California developers could face $1.9 million fine for stormwater permit violations 09/09/2022 Region 4 / Enforcement  
July 2022 urban water use 10.4% lower than in July 2020 09/07/2022 General  
Depleted oxygen levels from harmful algal bloom in SF Bay could trigger large-scale aquatic deaths 09/03/2022 Water Quality  
State Water Board readopts emergency drought regulation for Mill and Deer Creeks 08/17/2022 Water Rights  
Los Angeles Water Board approves MOU that holds Boeing accountable for cleanup 08/12/2022 General  
June 2022 Urban Water Conservation Update
Statewide water use in June was 7.6% lower than in June 2020
08/02/2022 General  
State Water Board readopts emergency curtailment regulation for Delta 07/21/2022 Water Rights  
Year in Review: State Water Board delivers $3.3 billion to California communities to boost drought resilience and increase water supplies
Water recycling and drinking water infrastructure among top funding priorities
Community drought assistance funding has quadrupled in just two years
07/20/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
$17 million in penalties proposed in probe of warehouse fire that polluted Dominguez Channel and caused widespread noxious odor - Formal complaints issued against owners and operators of warehouse | en Español 07/14/2022 Region 4 / Enforcement  
Statewide urban water use 3.1% lower 07/08/2022 General  
Settlement reached with Sunol company for ruptured pipeline, discharge violation 07/07/2022 Region 2  
Statement – Preliminary May 2022 Urban Water Use Data 06/28/2022 General  
Fine proposed against cannabis cultivators for runoff that threatens Mad River water quality
The accused failed to obtain permit to grow cannabis commercially
06/24/2022 Region 1 / Enforcement  
Worsening conditions prompt readoption of drought emergency regulation for Scott and Shasta Rivers 06/21/2022 General  
New statewide emergency water conservation regulation now in effect 06/14/2022 General  
K&A Farms LLC agreement to pay $38,225 penalty 06/06/2022 Region 3  
State Water Board approves Voluntary Water Sharing Agreement in Russian River Watershed 06/07/2022 Water Rights  
State Water Board adopts emergency water conservation regulation
Regulation to boost water savings starting in June
05/24/2022 General  
Vineyard developers face $3.75 million fine for harming streams, wetlands in Sonoma County 05/24/2022 Region 1  
San Francisco Bay Water Board names Eileen White as new executive officer 05/20/2022 Region 2  
State Water Board releases draft emergency water conservation regulation
Regulations would boost water savings starting in June
05/13/2022 General  
Continuing drought prompts readoption of emergency curtailment regulation in Russian River
State Water Board revises and renews existing regulation
05/10/2022 Water Rights  
California holds Boeing accountable for cleanup at toxic Santa Susana Field Laboratory
Comprehensive framework sets stage for stringent cleanup of Boeing’s areas of responsibility at the site
05/09/2022 Region 4 / Water Quality  
As drought strains supply, report describes challenges to providing safe drinking water 05/06/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
Central Coast Water Board Allocates $5.9 million from PG&E Settlement
Funds will support high priority water quality projects in the Central Coast
04/22/2022 Region 3  
State Water Board staff proposes readoption of emergency drought regulation in Bay-Delta
Regulation would refine method for determining water unavailabislity
04/19/2022 Water Rights  
State Water Board announces member updates
Nichole Morgan confirmed; Dorene D’Adamo reappointed
04/18/2022 General  
Desert Water Agency agrees to pay $181,947 penalty for sewage collection system spill
Colorado River Basin Regional Board approves settlement
04/12/2022 Region 8 / Enforcement  
Proposed standard for Hexavalent chromium prioritizes public health, achievable path to water treatment
Board seeks public input on new maximum contaminant level
03/21/2022 Drinking Water  
$5.5 million SAFER grant expands well testing, offers treatment for rural residents near Modesto 03/17/2022 SAFER/Drinking Water  
San Diego Water Board approves nation’s first ocean desalination facility that eliminates harm to fish
Subsurface slant wells draw water beneath ocean floor
03/10/2022 Region 9 / Water Quality  
State Provides $301 million in Pandemic-Related Water Utility Debt Relief for Californians
With 100% of eligible drinking water debt covered, program now transitions to help relieve wastewater debt
03/08/2022 Drinking Water  
State Water Board adopts emergency water use regulations to boost drought resilience
Despite early winter storms, California remains in a drought
01/04/2022 General