Public Comments regarding Salt and Nitrate Control Program Basin Plan Amendment

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  • Deadline to receive comments by: August 13, 2018 by 12 noon

Commenter(s) Submitted by:
Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, Zone 7
Contra Costa Water District
Jarnail Chahal
Leah Orloff
Buena Vista Coalition, Cawelo Water District Coalition, Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association, Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority, Kings River Watershed Coalition Authority, Tule Bain Water Quality Coalition, Westside Water Quality Coalition Nicole Bell
California Independent Petroleum Association Bob Gore
California Rice Commission Tim Johnson
Central Valley Salinity Coalition Daniel Cozad
David Cory
City of Sacramento, Sacramento River Source Water Protection Program Sherill Huun
Dairy Cares J.P. Cativiela
Community Water Center
Clean Water Fund
Environmental Law Foundation
Michael Claiborne
Deborah Ores
Jennifer Clary
Nathaniel Kane
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
Institute for Fisheries Resources
Noah Oppenheim
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Terrie Mitchell
United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX Janet Hashimoto
Valley Water Management Company Russell Emerson

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