Water Rights Videos

Annual Water Diversion and Use Report (RMS) Tutorial Videos.

  • Video 1 – Water Rights Background Information
    Basic introduction of the types of water rights, reporting requirements and deadlines, and navigating to the Report Management System (RMS)
  • Video 2 – Types of Water Right Reports

    Background information of water right types and the annual reports required for each type

  • Video 3 – Reporting Login Instructions

    Steps to login to the Report Management System (RMS)

  • Video 4 – Beginning the Report

    Selecting the correct water right report and year, and starting the report

  • Video 5 – Use of Water

    Entering the beneficial uses of water covered by the water right, during the reporting year

  • Video 6 – Diversion Rates and Amounts

    Entering the maximum rate of diversion data (if available), and selecting the type of diversion, amount of water diverted, and the amount of water used

  • Video 7 – Water Transfers, Contracts, and Credits

    Reporting water transfers and contracts, and how to claim water credits through water conservation or available, alternative water sources

  • Video 8 – Water Diversion Measurement

    Measurement device requirements, installation deadlines, and adding a measurement device to a report

  • Video 9 – Final Steps of Report

    Adding comments or supporting documents, entering reporter information, submitting the report, and the submitting invoice payment (if applicable)

  • Video 10 – Address and Ownership Update Instructions

    Locating, completing, and submitting water right change request forms